TOP 3 products that cause decline in strength

During a busy working day or before an important meeting, an attack of fatigue will be completely inopportune. Trying to improve efficiency, we habitually brew coffee, go for your favorite pastries or fast food restaurant. Nutritionists warn: some products from the daily menu cause fatigue and reduce the supply of strength.

Contrary to popular belief, coffee is a very controversial drink. A Cup of fragrant the drink can banish drowsiness and provoke a short-term burst of energy, but should not be abused – especially in the first half of the day. The boundary concentration of caffeine in the blood can lead to drowsiness, dizziness and lethargy.

We often use Muffins, energy drinks and bars as a substitute for the main meal – the increased caloric content turns them into a kind of "cocktail of vivacity". In the same lies the catch: a significant amount of sugar disrupts metabolic processes – to replace the rapid activity comes a sudden weakness, and sometimes pressure drops, migraine or chills.

Fried food and deep-fried food. Steak, French fries, cheese sticks in breadcrumbs, crispy cutlets, and even fried vegetables present in the daily diet, not only increase cholesterol levels and contribute to the appearance of cardiovascular disease. They are extremely difficult to digest by the gastrointestinal tract – the body spends almost all the energy necessary for effective mental and physical activity on their processing.

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