TOP 10 products for youth and beauty

Prolong their youth, to preserve health, stay beautiful and desirable for a man – this is the dream of every woman. But over time, our threshold is crossed by uninvited guests: there are wrinkles, dull hair, cracks on the lips, excess weight, brittle nails and other "charms" – these are the first signals that your body has failed. To avoid this, it is necessary to use useful products for beauties.

Naturally, they will not be able to remove all your wrinkles, but accurately will save you from the emergence of new. With regular use, products for beauty and youth will make your figure more toned and slim, and the skin will give a healthy glow. So, we present to your attention the best products for health and beauty.

1. The first item on the list is water. This is your true ally in the fight against the first wrinkles, brittle hair and flaky skin. It is necessary to start the day with water, it will allow to feel more cheerfully and to look fresh during the day.

2. Dairy products for beauty skin simply irreplaceable. Kefir, yogurt, fermented baked milk contain useful bifidobacteria necessary to maintain the balance of microflora in the body. Regular consumption of natural dairy products (with a minimum shelf life) prevent the appearance of new wrinkles, as they contain a protein that contributes to the production of collagen.

3. Green vegetables contains natural antioxidants that remove all harmful substances from your body that destroy cells and lead to early aging. The most useful vitamins are found in green onions, parsley, olives, spinach, Basil, lettuce and sorrel.

4. Red-orange vegetables protect your skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet, prevent the appearance of wrinkles, improve the overall condition of the body. Beta-carotene is rich in carrots, apricots, pumpkin, tomatoes. These products are very important for the beauty of hair and skin.

5. Vegetable oils is the perfect salad dressing. They rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Of the vegetable oils are most useful: olive, linseed and sunflower oil.

6. Nuts called the product of eternal youth. All members of this group, without exception, are a powerful source of antioxidant – selenium, nuts also present vitamin E. Records for selenium content are considered Brazil nuts, pistachios and hazelnuts. In addition, nuts have coenzyme Q10, necessary for skin cell renewal and nutrition.

7. Fish and seafood – the main suppliers of iodine, complete protein and fish oil in our body. Sea fish is a storehouse of vitamins, fatty acids, microelements prolonging beauty and youth. Salmon, mackerel, herring, sardines, tuna – these products will give your skin a healthy Shine, adjust the thyroid function, save from the first wrinkles and improve the condition of the hair.

8. Cereals and legumes also help to slow down aging. Products-adsorbents are considered bran, brown rice, sprouted wheat grains, whole grain bread, cereals from natural cereals.

9. Sour fruits and berries. Cherries, strawberries, black currants, blueberries, persimmons, cranberries – all sour berries and fruits are rich in antioxidants that promote normal fat metabolism. They protect the skin from free radicals, help to form collagen.

10. Cabbage – an excellent source of ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Just one serving of white cabbage contains the daily value of this antioxidant vitamin. The use of cabbage will allow you to avoid premature aging and stay beautiful and attractive longer.

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