Top 10 most harmful food products

Top 10 most harmful food productsof Course, many Orthodox gourmets, after reading this note, irritably say: "Life is also harmful." But when I publish products that are harmful to health, I do not urge to completely abandon them. Moreover, most of these 10 harmful products of our "hit parade", not only harmful, but also quite tasty. And if you really wanted harmful-tasty – allow yourself something. Just do not base all your nutrition on these harmful products for figure and health.

1. Sausage.

Any laboratory studies of the current sausage products will show that even the most delicious and favorite of our sausage is no more than 5-10% of meat, and everything else – harmful products: soy protein, salt, carrageenan, fats, phosphates, nitrites, nitrates. These "fun" supplements make sausage absolutely not useful! For example, carrageenan causes severe allergies, dyes and flavors provoke failures in of the digestive tract. Well, the use of a large amount of salt leads to a delay in the body fluid, which will adversely affect the cardiovascular system and kidneys.

2. Carbonated drinks.

I'm Sure you've seen: best cleanser – Coca-Cola. If you have after this you still arises desire to cannabis this drink, then, at least, not mix Cola with gum and sweets, containing menthol! Just as questionable. reputation and have Sprite, Pepsi, etc.: a huge number of harmful chemical dyes, sugar and gas bubbles, to all of these harmful food get distributed throughout your body. Know – the constant use of these brands guarantees you diabetes, allergies and stomach ulcers.

3. Fast food.

The Only plus this, so-called "food" – the speed preparations. However, this is an ordinary advertising trick. To to eat fast, do not have to render these instant noodles to eat, smart Lunches, bystrovany and rolename. All these products contain starch, soy, thickeners, again our favorite colors and flavors, and it's all unnatural and very harmful to the body! You can eat fruit, cottage cheese, natural yogurt.

4. Chocolate bar.

Eat "bounty" and instead of the promised "heavenly delight" you risk getting obese, problems with stomach, and the and diabetes mellitus type. But if you really wanted to eat chocolate, buy dark varieties, they contain more cocoa and little sugar.

5. Fries.

French Fries contain a large amount of modified fats, which set a record level of cholesterol, which means that we have all the chances to get the "long-awaited" heart attacks, strokes and ischemia. And regular use of this potato reduces immunity pregnant mother and child, bad for sperm quality, increases the risk of obesity and diabetes.

6. Chupa-Chups, etc.

Sweet Tooth it is recommended to buy less than the advertised varieties in them much less dyes, substitutes, various flavors and flavor enhancers.

7. Mayonnaise.

King Russian the table – mayonnaise! And the most harmful is the "light" mayonnaise, allegedly designed for a healthy diet, but it just contains more vegetable modified fats, the dangers of which I have already written. Well, as usual, mayonnaise has everything: flavor enhancers, preservatives, flavors, etc., etc. Lovely women, eat better than sour cream or mayonnaise prepare yourself.

8. Alcohol.

Books have been written About the dangers of alcoholic beverages. However, there is an opinion that it is not in alcohol, but in its quality and quantity. Although I admit – quality natural wine in very moderate doses is very useful. Of course, those who have no contraindications.

9. Canned food.

On their own, the preservatives are carcinogens, they inhibit the synthesis protein that negatively affects our body. Cheap canned meat contains a lot of GMOs, dyes and amplifiers. In order not to harm yourself, choose canned food, which are made according to GOST.

10. Ketchup.

I Close the list of 10 most harmful products with ketchup. Well, the answer is obvious: dyes, flavors, preservatives and modified starch make ketchup not the most useful product on our table. Wish increase the risk of pancreatitis, gastrointestinal diseases and disrupt your metabolism – eat more ketchup. But if you decide to buy it to the table – pay attention to the price: less harmful ketchup will not be cheap.

Author: Dmitry Plotnikov

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