Toothpaste: how to choose and what to look for?

The secret of the Hollywood smile consists in the careful care of teeth and oral cavity. An important aspect of this care is the choice of the right toothpaste. Unfortunately, today few people come to the choice of toothpaste wisely, more often we succumb to the tricks of marketers. How to choose the right toothpaste?

Different types of pastes

All toothpastes can be divided into 2 large groups:daily care and therapeutic toothpastes. With the choice of medical toothpaste will help you dentist. Such pastes are prescribed for stomatitis, periodontitis, periodontal disease, hypersensitivity teeth and some other diseases.

When choosing a toothpaste for daily care, you need to carefully study the composition. Some substances may be useless, and sometimes harmful to tooth enamel. Let us dwell on the main components.

Main components

The Main components of toothpaste are always in the first place. Usually these are abrasives (cleaning and polishing components), flavorings and foaming compounds.

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Calcium Carbonate (Calcium carbonate)

Insoluble compound, which is a normal chalk. Acts as an abrasive. The size of calcium carbonate particles can not be traced, large particles can easily damage enamel. In addition, such calcium is not "digested" teeth, which means he's useless. Undesirable component.

Sorbitol (sorbitol)

It is a natural sweetener. Can be added to toothpastes to give them a pleasant taste or used as a thickener. Safe if swallowed. It is not a nutrient medium for bacteria, and therefore does not lead to the development of caries. A valid component.

Silicon Dioxide (hydrated silica)

Abrasive with fine particles. Is one of the best abrasives. Desirable component. It is recommended to choose toothpaste where silicon dioxide is basic abrasive, i.e. is in the composition of the on first or the second place.

Sodium lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

As in shampoos, lauryl sulfate is responsible for foaming toothpaste. Although it is unusual, it is better to choose a paste that does not form a rich foam. Lauryl sulfate can lead to stomatitis in persons with gum disease. Undesirable component.

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Dangerous accessories

Auxiliary components are added to toothpaste in small quantity. They need for shaping and stabilization. However, there may be unwanted and dangerous compounds among them, includingcarcinogenic (leading to tumors) action. These substances include:

  1. Saccharin. Sweetener with carcinogenic effect. Dangerous if swallowed.
  2. Methyl-and propylparaben. Preservatives with carcinogenic effect.
  3. magnesium Aluminosilicate. Destroys the lining of gums'.

Other auxiliary substances that are part of modern toothpastes, safe in small quantities.

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Fluorine – dangerous or not?

Most disputes regarding the content of the fluorine in toothpastes. Research of the European Union of doctors of different specialties prove the need for fluoride for cleaning teeth. Fluorine promotes strengthen tooth enamel and caries prevention. The amount of fluorine penetrating into the blood, and does not harm the body. It is not recommended to use fluoride toothpastes only in regions with very high fluoride content in water. What fluoride compounds are allowed in toothpastes?

Monoftorfosfat sodium (MFP, sodium monofluorphosphate)

The Decay of the MFP occurs only three minutes after the start of brushing. That is, fluorine begins to act no earlier than through three minutes. If you brush your teeth, following the rules, for 5 minutes, you can safely take the paste with MFP. Otherwise, such a paste will not have a preventive effect.

Sodium Fluoride (sodium fluoride)

The Decay of this substance is much faster. In this regard it is better to choose a paste with sodium fluoride, not with MFP.

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It is Important to understand that the health of teeth and gums depends not only on the "correct" toothpaste, but also on compliance hygiene rules oral cavity, the right power, health of the organism as a whole. However, a safe and effective toothpaste can be the first step towards a white and beautiful smile.

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