To lose weight does not mean to starve!

there Are problems with which you can live, but it is impossible to accept. Rather, it is possible to exist, because life with a constant feeling of physical and psychological discomfort it is difficult to call a full. One of these problems is overweight – a trouble familiar to many.

Everyone who at least once in his life tried to get rid of extra pounds, knows firsthand how difficult it is to achieve a positive result. But even harder to keep the weight is normal and will not return to the previous volumes. According to the statistics, only 2 out of 10 people manage to avoid re-weight gain and keep yourself in shape. The remaining eight, sooner or later, break down and return to the previous diet, which entails a set of overweight. Why is this happening? As a rule, such breakdowns occur as a result of the wrong approach to the problem of weight loss, or rather, due to the lack of comprehensive assistance of specialists in weight correction.

Remember the famous parable about fish and a fishing rod? If it's a little reworded, the majority of people losing weight on their own, are content to "fish", for example, in the form of a super-fast diet. They expect that the miracle diet will help to get rid of excess weight, but do not understand that it will only give a temporary effect. But the work of specialists in weight loss is to provide a person with a "fishing rod" - to teach him a new life without bad eating habits and constant weight jumps, and help him build his system of proper nutrition. These are the tasks set by the specialists of the medical center for correction of excess weight Slimhouse. The uniqueness of the center Slimhouse the fact that it employs leading professionals from different fields of medicine and psychology, which allows for a comprehensive approach to the problem of weight loss. So, in Slimhouse you can not only get advice from an endocrinologist or nutritionist, but also become a member of a psychotherapeutic group for weight loss or visit motivational training.

Lose Weight not means fast!

The Biggest fear losing weight human - sense of hunger. It is not so much about the physical feeling of hunger, but about the psychological discomfort that occurs with a sharp restriction of the diet and entailing a breakdown of the diet. That is why, in Slimhouse when working with slimming patients, the emphasis is on a varied and delicious food. You may be surprised, because in the minds of most people proper nutrition does not have nothing to do with delicious food and is associated only with the continuous restrictions in food. But that's not quite true. Even sweets can be useful, not to mention that proper nutrition can and should be varied and tasty. Don't believe? Then we invite you to visit our cooking classes, where you will learn how to cook a lot of delicious and, most importantly, healthy dishes. There is also a consultation of dietitians with the possibility of developing a personal diet for losing weight. A visit to a psychotherapeutic group in our center will help you to understand the causes of your excess weight and learn how to cope with hunger attacks and food breakdowns.

Believe me, weight loss is not deprivation and suffering. Together with Slimhouse you can lose weight effectively and with pleasure!

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