Tips nutritionists for weight loss

Those who many times was on a diet, probably know the main rules diet – low-fat meals in small portions, positive attitude, physical exertion. But overlook that diet success is impossible without taking into account small but important details. Before you – little secrets that help lose weight lose a lot of pounds.

Tips nutritionists for weight loss. What to look for:

1. Varied diet. Sit on a low-fat diet, does not mean every day drink low-fat kefir and eat unleavened buckwheat. After all, the process of losing pounds in any way should not lead to loss of health. On the contrary. Therefore, in your diet let there be proteins (meat, fish, dairy products, legumes) and carbohydrates (porridge, potatoes, bread). And necessarily vegetables-fruits and even. sweets. It's hard to believe, but the more items on your menu, the better for figures.

2. Pay attention to the labels. When buying products, carefully study the "inscriptions" on the packaging. Before you put in a supermarket cart yogurt or cheese, find out the number of fat in the product and caloric content. Maybe next to the shelf you will find a less fat analogue.

3. Change the dishes. Diet will be easier if you change the usual plates for dessert. And no food out of the bags. Always put treats (e.g., chips or ice cream) in a small palocci and eat only one of them. The same goes for the glasses. Change the big ones for dessert. Sweet coffee, tea, juices, etc. drink only from them.

4. Learn to eat slowly, consciously and with pleasure. Never pounce on food or grab pieces on the fly. In a hurry, you can greatly overeat even low-fat products. In large numbers and they are harmful. Try using sushi sticks instead of spoons and forks. So you will absorb food much slower.

5. It is not necessary to avoid family gatherings and parties, trips to visit. Just take the tactics: "try everything, but there is nothing."

6. Listen to your body. When he is hungry? What he on really wants to? Often we confuse thirst with hunger. Weight loss system develop, based on the individual characteristics of the body. After all on our appetite influenced by the weather, and the menstrual cycle and the atmosphere in the house and at work.

7. Don't blame yourself for the breakdowns. Don't ever do that. Know that breakdowns happen at all! Importantly, after – take themselves in hands and to meet the morning after eating for maximum benefit to the body. Start the next day with a good mood and make yourself tasty and healthy Breakfast. This will help to gather new strength and continue to lose weight.

8. New hobby. First, it will help to distract from thoughts about food. Secondly, your favorite activity will set you up in a positive way. And for losing weight – this is important!

Will Help overcome all obstacles the right motivation for weight loss. Read the advice of nutritionists and psychologists on how to find.

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