Tips for weight loss from the girl who dropped 65 kg

When 28-year-old jade Sokabe weighed 145 lbs. She was morally destroyed by the ridicule and derision of others, when he realized that more can not continue.

The girl pulled herself together and lost 65 kg on her own – without coaches, strict diets and surgery. Now jade is blogging on instagram, which is happy to share the secrets of his Transfiguration!

Find the physical activity you like

Starting her way to weight loss, jade performed aerobic exercises that were for it was terribly boring. However, then she became interested in powerlifting. This sport was a real salvation for her.

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I don't want ordinary, it's not in my nature. I strike to be uncommon amongst uncommon people. & the only person I want to be is the best possible version of myself. • People see my weight loss, social media successes, sponsors, my old washed up powerlifting numbers and think "man, she's so lucky."It was Michelangelo who said "if people know how hard I worked to get my skill, it wouldn't seem so wonderful at all."• Luck has nothing to do with it. Luck is the last dying wish of those who believe that success can happen by accident. Sweat, blood and tears on the other hand, are for those who know it's a choice. If you know the sacrifices/mistakes I made & the l's I look to get here & the failures/missteps through this journey of mine, you'd wonder how I made it out in one piece with a smile on my face. • Front runners are a dime a dozen. It's easy to stay in the game when you're winning. What will set you apart is the ability to battle beyond your greatest losses and adversities. #WorkDontWhine

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Jade is sure that if you do not like to perform certain exercises, it is better to abandon them. Otherwise, you will not train with full dedication. It is better to spend time searching for physical activity that you will like.

Don't follow absurd diets, and respect balance

The Internet is full of diets, following which you risk waste time and harm your health. By trial and error jade realized that for proper weight loss, it is important to provide the body with the necessary amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, but at the same time to observe a calorie deficit (to spend more than to consume).

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You guess didn't think I'd be Wonder Woman and NOT use it as my transformation photo on a freakin’ Tuesday, did you?! ?? • But in all seriousness, here's a long overdue public message to my body: Dear body, thank you for putting up with me. Thank you for getting me through long days, brutal training sessions in the gym that I thought would absolutely kill me & for helping me work to lose 150lbs. Thank you for putting in some of the toughest work human bodies can handle. Thank you for never giving up on me & supporting me through achieving my goals & dreams. I'm also here to say I'm sorry. Sorry for not appreciating you every day. I'm sorry for the mean things I say/think/feel & even believe others say about you every single day. I'm sorry I incessantly nag on what I "wish you could be."I'm sorry for not loving you the way you've loved me. I'm sorry for taking so long to take care of you, yet you were always ready to take care of me at 320+ lbs. You're not perfect. You make me different. You know as much as I do that there's so much more work to be done; you never doubt me & you're always ready to go even on your worst days. I'm grateful for every piece of you, even if I don't show it. I'm working on changing that every single day. It's been 29 years and I'm still learning to love you fully. Every curve, stretch mark, scar and freckle. But I promise that love slowly grows daily. Thanks for doing so much. Nothing I've accomplished in the last few years would be possible without you, your undying support and hard work day in and day out. You the rill MVP you beautifow sonofabish ❤on!!!

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Currently, the basic diet of the girls are eggs, oats, chicken, fish, fruits, vegetables and nuts. Before training and at night she drinks casein protein.

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Note! ☝ Delicious protein shakes with simple recipes can be cooked by yourself.

Change your attitude to food

Jade he urges everyone to remember that food is not the enemy. It is important to stop being afraid of carbohydrates and fats, as they are important for the maintenance of normal functioning of the body.

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Sometimes you have to remind yourself where you've been to realize how far you've come. The left wasn't even my biggest, but seeing that photo woke me tf up. • It's easy to get caught up in being hard on yourself or hating how you look, especially when life gets hard & throws what feels to be continuous sucker punches at you. Which is fine – fall, crumble, whatever. Just don't stay there too long. • I also cant help that I don't want ordinary or to be just satisfied, it's not in my nature. I want to be uncommon amongst uncommon people. Happiness is a neverending pursuit – no matter what your goal – you've just gotta learn to enjoy the ride.

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There Was a period when jade missed her friends ' birthdays and family dinners for fear of eating too much. Now she refuses to do it again, and occasionally allows himself a little weakness in the form of a piece of pizza or cake. Cicmil provides a useful jolt to the body.

THE ABC RECOMMENDS 3 girls who lost weight without losing a kilogram of weight

Jade is now feeling healthier and happier than ever. The maximum and the joy it delivered messages of thanks from people, for whom it was a source of motivation!

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