Thyroid treatment and diet

Our body works as a single complex mechanism. Violation of the activity of even one, at first glance, not a vital organ, leads to disruption of the entire mechanism – our body. This is quite applicable to the thyroid gland. Many people are condoning the health of this body, not realizing that a lot depends on the proper functioning of the thyroid gland.

The Thyroid is an organ located in the front of the neck, looks like a shield, hence its name. It produces hormones involved in the synthesis of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, as well as providing cells with calcium. The thyroid gland is the most important part of the human endocrine system. It affects the metabolism and the state of many organs and systems of our body.

Thyroid Health depends on full iodine supply. Proper nutrition also plays an important role in prevention and treatment thyroid disease. thyroid Treatment impossible without use of special diets. The composition of the diet, its duration depends on the disease and its severity, as well as on the individual characteristics of the patient's body.

Hypothyroidism is A common thyroid disease. This disease is characterized by low secretion of hormones such as triiodothyronine and thyroxine. For their production is just responsible for the thyroid gland. The decrease in their secretion can be caused by deficiency of iodine produced by the body, poor nutrition, constant stress, constant or frequent exposure to electromagnetic radiation and a number of other factors. The result of hypothyroidism it is a violation of the endocrine system and metabolism. In the body, fluid builds up, there is swelling. The metabolism of fats and cholesterol is disturbed, which leads to its accumulation in the blood vessels of the blood system and the appearance of cholesterol plaques and blood clots. A person suffering from hypothyroidism, sleeps poorly, gets tired quickly, feels weak and often falls into depression. In addition, there are violations of cardiac activity, a sharp increase in body weight, dry skin and fragility of hair, reduction in sexual desire.

Thyroid treatment in hypothyroidism is based on the compensation of the missing amount of hormones, the normalization of iodine in the body, the restoration of gland function, as well as the maintenance of the body and the restoration of metabolism.

Mandatory element of treatment hypothyroidism is diet. Therapeutic nutrition is aimed at reducing cholesterol, reducing the amount of fat and carbohydrates consumed. Diet promotes normal activity of the gastrointestinal tract. Sharply decreases the amount of salt and the daily rate of liquid to avoid swelling. The amount of fat is limited to ten to twenty percent of the physiological norm. The amount of carbohydrates is also reduced to three hundred grams per day. The amount of protein should be about seventy grams. The main focus is on seafood rich in iodine, as well as vegetables and fruits rich in fiber.

Should to remind you that the diet is prescribed individually, taking into account many factors. In this regard, for the treatment of the thyroid gland and the prevention of its diseases, for the purpose of treatment or prevention, including diet, consult a specialist. Only a doctor can correctly diagnose and prescribe treatment.

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