Three exercises that will return the skin of your face elasticity and firmness

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The most Common problem with sagging skin is faced by women over 35 years, but may face it at an earlier age. The contours of the face begin to "float", as the skin loses its elasticity. This is due to lack of collagen, and can be caused by both hereditary predisposition and diet, and lifestyle.

In case of skin loss elasticity suffers from the first oval face. Its outlines are deformed and become unattractive: cheeks SAG, there is a fold of skin under the chin. If you notice that in these areas began to form folds – it's time to take action, otherwise the oval of the face will become blurred and adjust it will be possible only with the help of cosmetic surgery.

These few tips and exercises will help you tighten your facial contours independently.


Among the most common causes of sagging skin, is as follows:

  • Diets. The fact that the weight loss of your face loses weight in the first place. If you lose weight quickly, the skin simply does not have time to take the desired shape.
  • Sunbathing. If you are often in the sun, but do not use sunscreen – you are at risk.
  • Bad habits. Smoking, as well as the use of alcoholic beverages, accelerates the aging of your body, shifting the hands of the biological clock and sometimes the next few years.
  • No nursing. The skin of the face is very soft, and it needs careful care. Creams, masks, baths – without all this, the skin will quickly lose its youth and elasticity.


If you noticed that the contour of the face started to lose the clarity of the lines, help your skin become taut again. This can be done using the following masks:

  1. Mask from the egg white and tablespoon of flour, with the addition of essential oil.
  2. Mask on a clay basis. For dry skin, choose red or pink clay, for combination and oily – white, yellow. blue or black.
  3. Mask from pea flour. For its preparation it is necessary to grind pea grains and mix them with water or cream.
  4. Mask from honey and oat flour. Liquid honey needs to be warmed up a little and mixed with oatmeal or flakes.
  5. paraffin Mask. Paraffin for this procedure can be to buy in the drugstore.

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The following simple exercises will Also help to restore skin elasticity. The key to success – regularity of their implementation.


To complete the exercise it is best to stand in front of a mirror. Open your mouth and pull it out as if you were shouting the letter "O". Put the upper lip on the top row of teeth and index fingers slightly push the lower edge of the eyelashes. In this position, try to smile, and then stretch them back to the letter "O". You will immediately feel how much your muscles are straining persons.

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Slimming of the facial contours

This exercise is also best done in the mirror. Open your mouth slightly and pull your lips so that they fit tightly to your teeth. Put your hands palms on the side of the face nor cover the cheeks of whiskey. Slowly drive your hands up and down, feeling the muscles tense and tired. You may also feel a burning sensation in your muscles. After finishing exercise let the air out through relaxed lips pursed.

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Tonic exercise

Inflate cheeks and keep lips tightly closed. Place your palms on top of your cheeks so that your fingers touch your temples. Then press your hands on your face and your cheeks will resist your pressure. This exercise helps the muscles of the face to lose the accumulated voltage.

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These were some tips and useful exercises, thanks to which you can tighten the contours of the face. Take care of your skin, eat healthy and your youth will stay with you for a long time!

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