Three-day cleansing diet for weight loss, reviews, menu

Cleansing Diet, and therefore primarily aimed at cleansing the body of accumulated toxins.
Try to allocate these three days only for yourself, walk and have a rest more.

It is Useful to do in parallel and their appearance, make cleansing treatments for the skin, visit the SPA salon, buy yourself something, in General, give yourself a good mood.
Diet is not recommended for people with stomach diseases and intestine's.

It is recommended To drink about 8 glasses of pure drinking or mineral water, herbal tea, green tea with lemon a day. But preference – water.
If the weather is hot outside, you can drink more.

Have to Eat fruits and vegetables, for 3 days you will saturate the body with vitamins and nutrients, clean the intestines.
And if after leaving the diet you try to eat less, exclude from the diet "empty calories", eat vegetables and fruits, the body will continue to clean. And you will lose weight without diets.

Start Each day with a glass of water with lemon juice and a small charge.

diet Menu

Day one:
First Breakfast:

  • make fruit salad from grapefruit (grapefruit can be replace orange or tangerine), grapes, Apple and pineapple.

Second Breakfast:

  • half a small melon;
  • citrus, kiwi and fresh Fig salad.


  • the second half of the melons;
  • fruit salad from any fruits, which in this day still not used.


  • one banana,
  • glass of chamomile infusion.

Day two:
First Breakfast:

  • glass of freshly prepared vegetable juice,
  • celery stalk,
  • bake 4 large tomatoes with herbs and pepper in the oven or on the grill.

Second Breakfast:

  • a big portion of salad from any fresh vegetables, seasoned with vegetable oil and lemon juice.


  • broccoli, either cauliflower or white cabbage, or spinach, steamed, you can add some cheese,
  • fresh squeezed vegetable juice.

Third day:
First Breakfast:

  • fruit salad of grapefruit (orange, tangerine), pineapple, Apple and grapes.

Second Breakfast:

  • large portion of vegetable salad seasoned with vegetable oil and lemon juice.


  • broccoli, either cauliflower or white cabbage, or steamed spinach,
    some chicken meat or fish, grilled or steamed,
  • vegetable juice.
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