Therapeutic fasting at home: how to prepare, getting out of fasting, reviews

Therapeutic fasting is a natural way cleansing the body. Even in ancient times, people noticed that the sick animal always refuses to eat. We act, on the contrary, in the period of illness tend to indulge themselves with different Goodies.

Fasting can achieve both psychological and physiological purification. During the period of fasting, the body is cleaned of toxins, gradually heals the diseased organs, and the body feels unusual lightness.

There Are three types of therapeutic fasting:

  • prolonged fasting – from ten to forty days;
  • average – two to ten days;
  • short-term fasting – 24-36 hours.

Short-term fasting is considered to be the Most harmless and useful, but it is desirable to approach it gradually. First once a month, then once every two weeks and only then once a month week.

How to prepare for fasting at home?
1. It is necessary to psychologically tune in to therapeutic fasting. On this day it is better not to get upset, not nervous, not irritated, and try to be in a good mood.
2. Try in this day not to pay attention on food, not cool appetite different smells.
3. On this day, it is better to reduce physical activity, and mental can be increase. After all, on the day of fasting, the mind becomes clear, and new ideas are born in the head.
4. Choose a specific day of the week for therapeutic fasting, Monday is best, since on weekends we usually allow ourselves to eat too much.
5. If you have a penchant for constipation perhaps a colon cleanse should be performed (3-4 enemas).

    During therapeutic fasting need drink plenty of water, in the process of kidney must remove a huge amount of toxic substances.

If fasting at home is difficult to tolerate, you can add a little lemon juice and 1/4-1/3 teaspoon of honey to a glass of water.

Exit from starvation
In the first meal, after a short fasting, it is recommended to eat a salad of fresh carrots and cabbage, season the salad with lemon juice.
Longer fasting is best done under medical supervision. The exit from medical starvation in this case takes the same time as the starvation itself.
Recommended in the first days after fasting vegetable broths, oat broth, fresh juices.

Before start any of the types of fasting, you should consult a doctor, as experiments with long and medium fasting can lead to serious consequences.

And remember, moderation in eating is the key to good health. Let short-term fasting become a habit for you for life.

Any fasting is Contraindicated at:

  • pregnancy, breastfeeding,
  • diabetes,
  • frequent headaches, hypertensive crises.

It is Undesirable to resort to fasting during periods of active mental and physical activity. In General, any kind of therapeutic fasting requires a conscious approach. just the network on a diet, limit yourself to a full meal is not necessary. If you feel fine, if your figure is normal, then there is no sense to carry out therapeutic fasting.

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