The woman lost 65 kg after the sofa collapsed under her weight

Christine Drax weighed about 120 kg when she after a hard day decided to lie down on the sofa and break it. After that the woman realized that more can not continue.

In order to lose weight, she tried everything from calorie counting to a juice cleanse. Weight went with difficulty and soon came back. It all felt like a vicious circle until Christine turned to nutritionist Steve Miller, who is known for his participation in The sky's Fat Families show.

Secrets weight loss Christine Drax

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Steve advised Christine to abandon diets and rebuild its nutrition on a rule 80:20. This means that 80% of its diet should be healthy diet foods, and 20% of the usual Goodies. Steve also drew attention to the drinks. On the day Christine drank an average of 10 servings of drinks (coffee with cream, Coca-Cola, tea with sugar, etc.). Nutritionist advised her to leave only 2 servings of the usual drinks, and the remaining 8 servings replace pure non-carbonated water.

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  • Consumption of calories for different activities
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Note! Accelerate weight loss will help fat-burning cocktails, which can be cooked at home.

The Next step in weight loss Christine became the search for good substitutes food, which not damaging its figure. She used to spend a lot of time in alone, eating negative emotions with food. This prompted Kristin to sign up for a fitness club, as an active pastime helps to improve mood and get rid of stress without consuming a huge amount of food. Gradually, she began to eat a lot less, and cravings for fatty and unhealthy foods disappeared.

Note! If you often experience stress, then try in the evenings to perform exercises with double benefit: they help to calm the nervous system and lose weight. They will take only 10-15 minutes.

"When I first met Steve, he told me I was really fat and that's what I needed to hear. I have a huge incentive to prove that I can be slim," recalls Christine.

And a half years in total, the woman managed to lose 65 pounds and now she's proud of your appearance!

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