The woman lost 110 kg to take care of her grandson

Clara Williams always lived with plus weight. In their 20 years she weighed 100 kg, in 26 years - 135 kg, and so until 193 kg. When its daughter has given birth to Clara grandson, woman decided -????. She stubbornly began to lose weight and lost 110 kg of excess weight!

Clara Williams ' weight loss Story

During his life Clara made countless attempts to lose weight, but the effect was short-term, so every year the weight continued to grow. And then one day the scale in the doctor's office showed the horrible 193 kg.

Woman clearly realized, that will become burden for family, if not lose weight. It was difficult for her to climb the stairs on her own, and it was out of the question to help her daughter with the baby. Clara felt sick and miserable. Then she decided to fight for her health.

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Together with his school friend Clara joined the community losing weight in a local sanatorium. There they there were weekly weighing and participated in competitions that motivated to continue losing weight.

Instead of boring workouts at the gym, Clara chose to walk a lot. She walked with a friend every evening after work and always went outside during the lunch break to walk.

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Clara also changed her diet. Now 90% of her diet consists of chicken breast, low-fat fish, vegetables, fruits and natural Greek yogurt.

On the day she tries to eat no more than 2000 calories. Sometimes she pampers herself with her favorite sweets, but always looks at the caloric content.

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This approach helped Clara get rid of 110 kg of excess weight. Now she can go to the Park with her grandson and play with him for hours. But before Clara could only dream of!

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