The use of funchoza for the figure: eat Chinese noodles and lose weight

Oriental cuisine is famous for originality. Looking at the finished product, it is sometimes difficult to guess what it was made of. Cellophane (glass noodles) is a classic embodiment of the mysteries of the East: an unusual name, unknown ingredients, a million recipes and a neutral taste.

And yet it is very useful when losing weight, as it nourishes the body with slow carbohydrates, which permanently dulls the appetite!

From what make funchozu

Real cellophane is made from starch of green mung beans (mung), native to East Asia. To reduce the cost of manufacturers sometimes change composition funchoza - expensive starch from the beans change to a cheap potato, rice or corn starch.

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How to choose real Chinese noodles

When choosing, it is important not only to study the composition, but also to pay attention on:

  • color - real cellophane is transparent, can be a little grey, but without the yellow potona;
  • texture - the noodles are very fragile, and the threads are well separated (do not stick together);
  • smell - a real noodle has slight nutty aroma or not is the smell.

Funchoza is very demanding to storage. It quickly absorbs moisture and any foreign odors, so it is stored in a dry place, away from spices and other products.

How to cook funchoza

Prepare funchoza in boiling water. It is enough to steam it for 8 minutes or boil for only 3 minutes. If funchoza undercooked, it sticks to the teeth. And if overexposed, then swells and it becomes unappetizing.

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Sue funchozu can be with:

  • Korean carrots;
  • mushrooms and sweet pepper;
  • Turkey and broccoli;
  • chicken and vegetables.

Also funchoza can be promoted in various soups.

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In conclusion, it is worth noting that funchoza not only helps with weight loss, but also improves the nervous system, keeps youth of the skin and strengthens bone tissue!

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