The Supplement: diet pills, reviews, description, contraindications

Ideal weight loss without stress. This slogan downright encourages us to buy new diet pills for weight Loss. The Ideal drug is a family of tools designed to reduce appetite. Allegedly, you take a pill, and the desire to eat comes to naught in a natural way. So for weight loss even diet to follow is not necessary. You'll just eat less, everything will happen by itself. In this convinces us of Distresse, but does simple?

Tablets for reducing appetite Ideal: description

All weight loss products, as we know, are divided into dietary Supplements and medicines. Initial are designed to compensate the deficiency of certain body substances of losing weight. Weight loss is not a mandatory consequence of taking Supplements. Moreover, their manufacturers specifically stipulate the need to comply with the diet for weight loss together with taking pills. Strictly speaking, the purpose of dietary Supplements – to make up for the lack of nutrients during the process of compliance with the diet.

Slimming Drugs are sold only by prescription. They are designed to eliminate one among the factors leading to weight gain – slow metabolism, too much or too fat diet. The main difference for the consumer is that drugs are sold exclusively on prescription, and self-medication can cause unpredictable effects. Currently, pills to reduce appetite the Supplement are not drugs, and are sold as Bud.

As reduces appetite the Supplement

Basic acting the substance of Detresse – antagonist to cannabidiol receptor SV-1. Receptors are protein molecules that are on the surface of cells. Irritation them a certain way causes a reaction of the "main body", which is associated with the receptors. SV-1 are located in the human brain, they are on the surface of the hypothalamus, hypocampus and other parts of the brain. The antagonist suppresses the reaction of the receptor to stimuli. In the opinion of the manufacturer of Distresse NPF "Materia-Medica" antagonists able to suppress appetite, because the hearty consumption of food has an impact on cannabioids receptor.

Ideal for weight loss: reviews and side effects

Ideal new drug market. Currently, there are exclusively reviews, or otherwise associated with the manufacturer's website and the survey that the sellers of Distresse conducted among consumers. Of course, the objectivity of these data can not claim. Permission to sell means nothing, as the harmlessness of Distresse for a healthy person. Contraindications indicated on the package are quite standard – age less than 18 years, pregnancy or breastfeeding. However, before taking the Supplement for weight loss, it is worth considering that no truly independent clinical studies have been conducted on this drug.

What are the possible consequences of receipt of Distresse?

  • First of all, if your problem is the inability to make a balanced diet, pills are unlikely to help you. Let's say you eat a couple of sandwiches with butter, cheese for Breakfast, a side dish with a cutlet for lunch, a cake for a snack, potatoes for dinner. Your diet is dominated by carbohydrates and fats and not enough protein. The Supplement is a bit will suppress your appetite, and let's say you give up burgers and cake. At the same time, the protein deficiency will not be replenished, which means that you will lose some weight due to muscle tissue. In the long run, this will mean that you will need fewer calories than before. So, to maintain weight loss have to eat even less, but the skill proper nutrition not developed. As a result, you will cut your diet and body composition all equally will not change for the better. Translated into accessible language, this means the presence of problem areas, cellulite and overall reduced tone.
  • Reception of Distresse for weight loss, thus, justified only on the background balanced diet, rich in protein, fiber. But, by and large, this diet does not require additional "tricks" for weight loss, as it is able to suppress the appetite. Therefore, Diet pills – only an assistant, but not the main way losing weight.
  • Is to realize that the bad reviews will not affect the already accumulated body fat, so you will have to eat less.
  • And increased appetite may not be linked with the hypothalamus – sometimes it has more to do with the secretion of insulin. So before you buy pills, check with your doctor and make sure that your hormonal metabolism is all right.

Try to develop moderate calorie diet, be sure to eat low-fat dairy products, vegetables, fruits, fiber, do not neglect sports and you can lose weight.

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