The story of weight loss Natalia: I lost 20 kg, photos before and after weight loss

Hello, my name is Natalya, now I am 33 years old. I want to share my story of weight loss.

Got married at age 19, slim, young. 21 gave birth to the firstborn, for the pregnancy well have gained about 15 kg (stood on the account in 3 months. 52 kg).

In subsequent years weight grew, and I felt increasing volumes of. Upset, worried, something tried, tried sometimes to break the cycle, doing skating Bicycle, choking on onion soup. Plus there were violations of hormonal metabolism, menstruation occurred less and less (in recent years, once 3-5 months).

And the weight of all ROS, but I like the tortoise was afraid of scales and did not know the real. In 2009 I bought a treadmill, started to run and to swing a press, I managed to run for just one month. In the same period I was engaged in treatment, I took hormones, my husband and I wanted a second child. I found out I was pregnant, so I had to turn it off.

Not repeating the mistakes, bought a good digital scale, my weight at that time was 67.7. In pregnancy, followed the diet and weight, not overeating. Scored for pregnancy only 9.5 kg, breast-fed daughter to 1.8. From the first day I began to wean from the chest decided to lose weight.

May 6, 2012 my weight was 71.7 kg with height 162 and waist 94 cm, breast size 4. By the end of the year I lost 20 kilograms.

  • Every morning, minutes 10-15 after sleep treadmill (start with 10 min gradually increased to 35), reduced the volume of portions, began to monitor the caloric content of foods (calories don't believe, but know), limited fried, cereals, potatoes.
  • Every day shake the press, made wraps with pepper under the foil on the waist, 2 times a week TABATA exercises.
  • Started taking Garcinia BAD (learned that this plant promotes the breakdown of fat but we you can buy only in the form of dietary supplements).
  • Weighed every morning, weight and waist recorded once a week.
  • virtually Ruled out alcohol, sweets, not eating after 6. Accustomed to this regime and diet in 10 days, started drinking green tea with lemon (to increase metabolism).

For the result you need passion and a strong desire to lose weight, also a good electronic scale is also a stimulant.

First the results are not inspired, but a month later I was:

6 June weight 66.4 kg, waist 84 (minus 5.3 kg)
6 July weight 61.2 kg, waist 76 (minus 5.4)
August 6, 55.1 kg, waist 70 (minus 5,9), and waist -24 cm.

Garcinia cut with breaks 3 standard, still do not know whether it was good. The rate dropped, although I know that safe weight loss you cannot lose weight more 5 kg. But I "sedilo" still, that was scheduled for August 11 meeting of graduates of 15 years and for 10 years I was under 80 kg.

Came Across earlier on your site, I decided to try diet 6 petals for the first round of 3.4 kg, after 2 weeks, repeat the diet minus 2.1 kg.

At the reunion I was with the weight 55 kg.

More so intensively I was not engaged, only the press a couple of times a week and pepper wraps, followed the diet, but the weight continued to go, after 1.5 months I was 50.7 is minus 21 kg.

Concluded that you without dieting to lose weight, not torturing yourself. Importantly the right nutrition, all can be read on Alphabet diets.

Write after new year holidays, my weight 51 kg, waist 67 (-27 centimeters). Passed a long way and what is upsetting, my lush and beautiful bust is gone, and the priest is very small, but the fat on the waist is not quite "gone".

My husband doesn't like that I lost a ton of weight, looks loved in the body, and he is already very angry and doesn't want to get used to my new figure. For weight watch so same carefully, weigh myself every morning, if need to do unloading dinner (cottage cheese 2% with honey) most the best a means.

And most importantly, not despite some cons, as pleased look in the mirror!

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