The story of weight loss: how to lose weight on a diet without sports Dukan

Natalia Ilyukhina my entire life was chunk. She never limited herself in food, which could not but affect her figure. By the age of 25, Natalia weighed 86 kg with a growth of 156 cm. When excess weight began to affect health, she firmly decided to lose weight.

In the end, with the help of Dukan diet, she managed to achieve great results!

History of weight loss without sports

The Dukan Diet consists of 4 stages: attack, alternation, stabilization and consolidation. The first stage of the "attack" was the most difficult, but it was he who inspired Natalia to continue her diet.

During the first five days she managed to lose almost 5 kg. And over the next 9 months she lost another 23 kg. While Natalia did not play sports.

Of Course, during the diet, she had a breakdown when she was eating everything and allowed himself to alcohol. But she pulled herself together in time. Now the weight of Natalia is 58.5 kg, but she is not going to stop there and wants to lose a few more kilos!

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Natalia is very glad that at the time she advised methods of weight loss Pierre Dukan. Previously, she could not survive on a diet and a week, and now she managed to achieve amazing results!

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