The star of the series "Fitness" revealed the secret of his weight loss by 20 kg

Young actress Sophia Bunny remembered by many for the role of the charming characters of the ASI in a Comedy series "Fitness". In the story, the girl, without money for a subscription, got a job in an elite fitness club to train and lose weight for free.

Recently started shooting the second season of the series, for which Sophia had to lose 20 kg in 2.5 months. What is the secret of its grandiose weight loss?

History of weight loss

The First step to weight loss for girls was the rejection of red meat, sugar, dairy and gluten products. She also added sports training twice a day (cardio, squats and abs exercises). For the first month the girl managed to lose 8 pounds, and then weight loss almost stopped. The girl was angry and very worried about it.

At note! ☝ Is a lot of "crafty" products, which, it would seem, should not contain sugar in its composition, but it is there! 

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In the end, Hare turned for help to the Novel Kurzyna, colleague series "Fitness". He reassured her and explained that you have to wait without turning off the target. The girl's persistence paid off: after some time the weight again began to decline.

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In total, Sofia lost 20 kg of excess weight in 2.5 months, and her transformation made a splash in the vast virtual network. The girl noted that she could not start losing weight earlier, as she was busy in other projects where her curvy shape was her highlight!

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