The secret diet of monks from mount Athos: rules of nutrition

"Athos monks live up to 100 years!"- this statement was made by scientists after visiting cemeteries on the Holy mountain, which immediately attracted the attention of physicians. Later it turned out that the novices of the Athos monasteries on average live 94 years, but there are cases when the monks lived up to 110 years or more.

In order to explain the longevity of the Athos monks, many theories were put forward, including those of a religious nature. However, all was quite simple: a long life it provides special power system!

Diet of mount Athos

The Principles of the Athos diet are prescribed by the rules of the Orthodox Church and have not changed much centuries'. Food is taken in small portions at the same time - in the morning and in the evening. Week novice monastery is divided into three days of fasting (Monday, Wednesday and Friday), three moderate (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday), one "glutton" (Sunday).

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In lean days it is allowed to eat only vegetables, fruits, seeds, greens and nuts, and animal products, wine and vegetable oil is completely excluded from the menu. Everything is used raw, and if something is subjected to heat treatment, without the addition of oil.

On moderate days foods specific to the Mediterranean diet (cereals, seafood, cottage cheese, olive oil, red wine, fish, yogurt and white meat) are added to the lean diet.

In the "pig-out" day!--25--> some excesses are allowed - pies, candy and ice cream. Monks rejoice in these delicacies, but at the same time keep fidelity to the principles and use them in limited quantity.

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Having Decided to follow the diet of Athos monks, it is important to remember one thing: along with physical cleansing and healing, one should get rid of destructive negative thoughts!

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