The second chin: the causes of women

There are various reasons for the appearance of the second chin in women. Many people mistakenly believe that this defect develops only in obese people. One way or another, you can often see the second chin in thin women. This once again proves that not only excess body weight is the cause of its formation. Concentration of fats in the chin area does not harm health, but the appearance of a person spoils significantly.

What is the second chin?

In fact, double chin is a cosmetic defect, which is observed not only in women but also in men. However, the fairer sex, this problem occurs more often. In simple words, the second chin is observed in the accumulation of fat between the neck and lower jaw. Such formations are possible even in cases where the total body weight is within normal limits. Therefore, double chin can often be seen in lean women's.

Note! It is worth noting that the second chin significantly changes facial features, distorts them. This cosmetic defect visually adds a person a few years.

Rarely defect is present in humans with acute oral-chin angle. When there is a blunt angle between the lower jaw and neck, it is a prerequisite for its formation. Some people have abnormal facial structure, where such an angle is almost absent. At the same time, the second chin can develop at the stage of puberty.

As for women, their appearance is very important, a double chin may thoroughly spoil them. In addition, he spoils the face, so even visually makes older. This means that the defect must be eliminated. But first you need to find out why there is a second chin.

Main causes and solutions problems

There are several main causes of the defect:

  • excess body weight;
  • incorrect posture;
  • heredity;
  • age;
  • short neck;
  • malocclusion;
  • sharp weight loss;
  • a disease of the thyroid gland;
  • use of high and soft cushion;
  • low arrangement Adam's Apple;
  • pregnancy;
  • tight bra.

It is Worth considering each of the reasons in more detail, because depending on the cause of the second chin, a woman chooses one or another of her decision.

Excess weight

And although completeness human is not the only cause of growth double chin, she remains the most widespread. With increasing weight fats are deposited on different body parts, including the area between the neck and lower jaw. As a result, a roller or a dense fold is formed in this place. With too much weight, it becomes so large that the face almost merges with the shoulders.

After weight loss roller is significantly reduced in size, but in its place is sagging skin. It disfigures the face and visually adds age.

If the double chin is caused by excess body weight, to reduce it helps a low-calorie diet, as well as an active lifestyle. It is necessary to reconsider your diet. A nutritionist will help you to make the right diet. In addition, you will have to go in for sports. Exercises should be performed to strengthen the muscles and break down the fat layer throughout the body, including the neck area.

Incorrect posture

Back Problems are often the reasons for the growth of folds in the chin area. Often this it happens when a person is in the same position for a long time, bends his head down and lowers his shoulders. As a result, the curvature of the spine develops, the muscles of the back and neck weaken. Gradually begins to accumulate fat layer between the neck of the lower jaw.

In order to avoid defect it is necessary to keep the back exactly in sitting position. If you have to stay in the same position for a long time, you need to periodically get up and exercise.

Genetic predisposition

An Important role in the appearance of the defect is given to the genetic factor. It is a question of features of a structure of a chin, hereditary propensity to a set of excess weight and other things. That is why sometimes you can observe this defect in several family members. Sometimes it's a problem for generations.

If the cause of the defect is heredity, quickly and easily eliminate it will not work. However, you can distract attention from this area, if you successfully choose a haircut or make-up professionally. A plastic surgeon will help to radically eliminate the problem. If a woman knows in advance about such a genetic predisposition, she needs to start doing special exercises long before the formation of the defect. This will help to strengthen the muscles and skin in the problem area, and if not completely avoid the second chin, though to make it less visible.

Age-related changes

As the skin ages, it loses its former elasticity and becomes flabby. And the reason for this is a decrease in collagen production. The skin under the lower jaw begins to droop, where the fold is formed. That is why the second chin is observed even in thin women. And if it is with age you will begin to gain weight, this fold is converted to a cushion, which is still growing. Usually with a similar problem is faced by women who have crossed the forty-year mark.

If the defect is one of the signs of aging, only a comprehensive approach can eliminate it. Has combine strengthening exercises, massage, proper nutrition, periodically visit a beautician, and do certain procedures at home.

Short neck

It is Scientifically established that women with long and thin necks are much less likely to face such a problem. Other representatives of the weaker sex can only get rid of the defect with the help of strengthening exercises.

Wrong bite

Sometimes malocclusion is a prerequisite for the formation of folds under the lower jaw. If there is such a problem, you should take care of the installation of braces in adolescence. They will align the bite, make a beautiful smile and help prevent the development of a defect that spoils the appearance.

rapid weight loss

If woman sharply and strongly loses weight, around the body there is saggy skin that has not had time to catch up for a short period of time. For the same reason, there is a fold in the chin area.

Time and professionally selected cosmetic procedures will help to Get rid of the second chin.

thyroid Disease

If the thyroid produces a small amount of hormones, the person becomes fat. In particular, fat deposits are observed and in the chin area. If the organ of the endocrine system is increased in size, it can act as a kind of "goiter". As a result, the front wall of the neck becomes larger and resembles a double chin.

To eliminate the defect, you must consult an endocrinologist. He will prescribe adequate treatment that will help get rid of the disease and, accordingly, cosmetic problems.

Sleep on soft and high pillow

If a person enjoys a high and soft pillow, can be gradually formed a second chin. Moreover, it is not necessary to sleep on it. Spending the day reading books also contributes to the development of the defect.

To fix the problem, change the pillow. Doctors recommend sleeping on flat and hard pillows. According to them, they better affect health, first of all, do not distort the cervical spine spine's.

Low location of the Adam's Apple

Experts say that the lower is the "Adam's Apple", the higher the risk the appearance of double chin.

It is impossible to Change the physiological feature, but it is worth trying to get rid of the defect or make it less pronounced by strengthening the muscles and giving elasticity to the skin. And will help in this specially designed exercises.


During childbearing, a woman's body is exposed to hormonal surges. For this reason, a second chin may be formed. If it's only pregnancy, after birth, gradually the problem will disappear on their own.

Tight bra

Strange As it may sound, too tight bra can contribute to the development of folds in the area chin. The thing is that such underwear well supports the chest, but at the same time, shifts the center of gravity and distorts posture. And since many women prefer to have a beautiful rounded Breasts, then rely on tight bras to the detriment of their health.

In Order not to face such a problem, you should pay special attention to the choice of underwear. The bra should support the Breasts but not be too close.

If you fail to prevent the formation of double chin, have to find ways to eliminate the defect. First of all, it is necessary to get rid of the cause that contributed to the formation of the defect. In most cases, this is enough to improve the appearance.

If to remove the cause is impossible to apply standard methods to the study of muscles and improve skin elasticity. This can be achieved by performing special exercises. At the same time, it is recommended to stick to proper nutrition to break down fats in the chin area. Only through a comprehensive approach can eliminate the defect and visually remove a few years.

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