The role of apples in diet

Apple is a very useful fruit for our body, it contains many useful elements, and it is in this fruit that their combination is recognized by nutritionists as the most successful.

Use of apples

For those who want to lose weight, apples are useful as a low-calorie product. The average size of an Apple contains 70-100 calories, while the body receives the necessary sugar, and with them vitamins:

What are the benefits of apples for weight loss

  • S - for the immune system.
  • A - for normal metabolism, for eyes and bones, skin.
  • B Vitamins ensure normal functioning of the nervous, cardiovascular and digestive systems.
  • Vitamin G, necessary for normal digestion and growth.
  • Iron, which is useful when the tendency to anemia.
  • Apple seeds contain a large amount of iodine, however, provided that the iodine contained in the soil, where they grew up. So if the Apple is grown in Central Russia, where the soil is poor in iodine, and its seeds are very small.
  • Fiber (soluble – pectin, and insoluble fiber fiber), which will reduce the level of bad cholesterol, prevent constipation and promote weight loss.
  • malic and tartaric acids are also useful For digestion, which are also contained in these fruits.

Due to these beneficial properties, apples are recommended for people with metabolic disorders.

Flavonoids also contained in them will reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer.
Many well-known diets use apples for weight loss.

Eating an Apple after a meal will protect your teeth, Apple juice neutralizes the bacteria that destroy the enamel of the teeth.

American scientists have found another useful property of Apple:

Regular consumption of apples and Apple juice prevents the destruction of brain cells, leading to memory loss.

Scientists at Nottingham research Institute argue that:

The Weekly consumption of 5 fruits contributes to the reduction of respiratory diseases (including asthma.)

How to eat apples to lose weight?

What are the benefits of apples for weight loss

  • Ideal – raw or after minimal heat treatment to preserve all nutrients. But baked apples are richer in pectin than raw ones.
  • Imported apples are covered with wax for better storage, it must first be washed off with warm water.
  • the peel contains a lot of fiber, so it is also better eat.

This fruit has probably the greatest variety of varieties and flavors, everyone will find an Apple for themselves.

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