The right menu for women after 40 years

The right menu for women after 40 yearsAge is not a hindrance to look beautiful and excellent feel. The most important thing is to choose the right menu according to age. The Golden rule absolutely for any age is a good diet, and the good one is the one that you can follow all your life.

Uncontrolled diets are a direct route to obesity. You need to understand that after 40 years your beauty and health will depend on your image the life you've held on to throughout your life. If you tried to lose weight often uncontrolled, there is a high probability of receipt, and all related complications after 40 years.

Adhering to the wrong diet, you risk to metabolic disorders and the deposition of adipose tissue in the visceral type, that is, not on hips and around internal organs and in the abdomen. This is a direct path to diabetes, hypertension and many others trouble, even when your total weight is within acceptable limits.

In order to completely change your daily diet, it is necessary to abandon refined, purified products (white sugar, flour products, white rice). At the heart of your diet must be vegetables. It is better raw, but if you eat mostly thermally processed food all your life, then it is better to eat boiled or steamed vegetables. Because in this the case of the pancreas is not used to produce enzymes for cleavage.

Dear women, try to reduce the consumption of meat, as at the age of 40 years you do not need a large amount of animal protein. An excess of it in those people who are over 40 can cause problems with blood vessels, as well as pain in the joints. Eat more fish. Eat cottage cheese with a minimum percentage of fat and drink low-fat kefir. Replace drinking coffee and black tea with clean water and brewed herbs that are rich in vitamins.

For you is a very harmful food, rich in cholesterol. It increases the risk of cholesterol plaques on the walls of blood vessels.

Perhaps the main reason gaining excess weight in women after 40 years is a reduced metabolism. That is, if earlier on the main exchange took about 70% of the energy that entered the body with the products, then with age this percentage decreases significantly.

After 40 years, is starting to fade function of the ovaries. This means that hormones are no longer produced in large quantities, as in youth. Adipose tissue begins to function on its own and produces a hormone to increase appetite. The woman's body begins to readjust to menopause.

The process of subcutaneous fat cell division begins. This is because they all want to take on the role of ovaries.

Try to avoid strict diets and heavy exercise, which will only lead to a rapid decrease in estrogen in the body, as a result, it will lead to insomnia, as well as sharp fluctuations in body temperature, the skin will begin to deteriorate, increase the number of wrinkles.

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