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Proper dietSince childhood we have been taught that proper diet is the basis of a healthy lifestyle. Even if you do not strive to lose weight, it can do much more for your health and beauty than thoughtless absorption of a huge number of synthetic vitamins and supplements. The organization of a rational diet affects the quality of sleep, muscle recovery rate, efficiency of mental processes. So that to develop his is worth. But only that understand the words "diet", if one nutritionist advises to eat strictly three times a day, the other – five, well, and the third and fourth adhere to the style of "Apple every hour and no basic food." In this article, we present a scientifically based concept of a healthy adult woman's diet for weight loss and weight maintenance.

Breaks between meals

Five Times fractional power one serving every 3-4 hours for those who actively trains or greatly reduces the caloric intake to get rid of body fat.

If you are in good shape, and nothing more difficult morning exercises do not practice, may be limited to three to four meals with an interval of 4-5 hours between them.

Losing Weight should have dinner 3-4 hours before bedtime, 1-2 hours will be enough for everyone else. However, overeating before going to bed and drinking alcohol in large quantities is prohibited, even if you are not on a diet.

Usually at four-five meals a day it is recommended to divide the meal into main meals – Breakfast, lunch and dinner – and snacks. The so-called second Breakfast and afternoon snack should be smaller in volume and "lighter" in calories than the main meals. Nutritionists recommend eating at the same time, so that the body has time to prepare for the procedure of digestion. Give one reception less than 20 minutes is unacceptable, as you must chew well food.

Healthy diet: diet for the day

Morning Breakfast should be rich in complex carbohydrates and proteins. The first give us energy, and the second – additional building material for tissues and organs. In addition, this combination is perfectly struggling with hunger attacks, and you will not feel the desire to eat for a long time. Eat porridge with yogurt or skim milk, you can add a piece of meat or fish, or tofu, or egg protein. The Breakfast is the most faithful and for weight loss.

lunch fully "dedicated" fiber. Eat fiber-rich fruit and a portion of protein foods, for example yogurt or kefir. If you are at work – prepare yourself a smoothie in advance and drink.

For lunch you can eat complex carbohydrates (porridge and pasta) plus a portion of protein, plus a source of fiber (vegetable salad). About soups nutritionists don't agree. Someone believes that they do not saturate, and stretch the stomach, someone that, on the contrary, help to restore strength.

    Scientific studies confirm that low-fat cream soup helps to reduce weight, as it contains all the ingredients in a convenient digesting form and satisfies the need for hot.

But to combine "soup and" at once is recommended only to those who are engaged in heavy physical labor. If you are used to the first, give up the garnish, but eat meat or fish. And, of course, you should avoid salads, richly seasoned with mayonnaise.

afternoon Snack – time for sweet. Slimming should eat fruit or dried fruits, and all the rest can pamper yourself a half servings of any dessert and coffee or tea.

And on dinner should there is only protein and fiber. Meat, fish, chicken without fat plus vegetable salad with fresh vegetables or stewed with a little fat cabbage – a win-win combination for dinner. You can drink a glass of wine, but dessert at the last meal should not be eaten. Well, if you want to lose weight, a couple of times a week you can replace dinner with a glass of kefir and 100 g of low-fat cottage cheese. Feed that's right, and be healthy!

Proper nutrition: basic principles
Proper diet for weight loss: menu
the Menu for the week: healthy eating for women.

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