The reasons for the problems with the lower back: says Alla Izmailskaya

Amazing: if you have problems with the lower back, it may not hurt. Or even hurt it may not.  Lower back problems can affect... but anywhere. Conversely, if the lower back hurts, perhaps the cause of the pain lies in another part of the body. For example, in the feet.  There is an irradiating pain that "shoots" from the thigh and passes directly to the heel – along the entire length of the leg.  In 90% of cases, this suggests that there are problems with the lower back: most likely a hernia.  So it's not really like that just as it seems!

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Logoterapia Alla Izmailskaya identifies two main causes of lower back problems and explains what needs to be done to prevent or solve them.

Causes of lower back pain

There can be many Reasons. One of the most common is degenerative-dystrophic changes in the spine (DDZP).  The people so called osteochondrosis complex disorders in articular cartilage, most commonly in the intervertebral discs.  Now this is a fairly young diagnosis, it is not necessarily associated with aging.  Rather, it is associated with the way of life – as far as it is movable.

Achievements of modern science and technology lead to sedentary lifestyle – hypodynamia. The man sits all the time. Before, for example, to watch a movie, you had to get up and go to the cinema. And now you can watch movies anywhere from the screen of your gadget. And even if a person is going to the cinema, it is likely to go there by car.  Hypodynamia leads to a lot of problems associated with the joints, muscles, spine. In General, it affects the entire human body, including the lower back.    

So, the lower back may be sore due to degenerative-dystrophic changes in the spine. However, the problem may not be directly related to the spine.  For example, if it is muscle hypertension. Hypertension occurs due to improper load on the muscles.  It is on the muscles, not the spine.

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For Example, if you work in an office using a computer, you hold a mouse in your right hand, and your left hand is usually just lying or hanging. Thus, the right part of you is constantly tense (is in hypertonicity), and the left is too loose (located in the hypotonia). Asymmetrically developed muscles lead to the wrong position of the spine. If we talk specifically about the lower back: often people sit and even walk, unnaturally bent in the lower back. From this muscle in the lumbar region are compressed and tense, which also leads to pain and disorders in the intervertebral discs.

What to do if a sore lower back?

I do not recommend to self-medicate. If you have something hurts, it is better to go and do an MRI of the corresponding area of the spine and make sure that there is no hernia or protrusion. And then decide what to do with it and how to live with it.

And even if you are diagnosed with a hernia, you still need to do some physical activity.   But it is important that the load was correct. You should know that you are contraindicated. If you stop moving, it will only make things worse.

For Example, can be to do articular gymnastics or minimal complex exercise for back health. But it is always important to observe safety precautions!

What to do to prevent spinal problems?

If you already have some problems with the spine in General or with the lower back in particular, need an individual approach in the selection of physical exercises. And if there is no hernia yet, but you already feel that your back is tired?

Photo: Victor Vdovin

Move more

Do Not have to run from work to the fitness club. Do the usual joint exercises, which will not only stretch the joints, but will also stimulate the flow of blood to the muscles. Our vertebrae are fed diffuse, that is, they draw nutrients from the adjacent muscles, because the vertebrae do not have their own circulatory system.

Drink water

There are intervertebral discs In the spine that create a cushioning "cushion" that prevents the vertebrae from rubbing against each other and rubbing. These intervertebral discs – hydrophilic, that is very fond of water. It is therefore very important to drink liquid in sufficient number.

Sleep enough

It is Interesting that in the morning intervertebral discs are larger, and in the evening – smaller. So this morning the people above. This is because during the night it is in the horizontal plane and the spine does not experience an axial load.  During sleep, metabolism is accelerated, the discs are better saturated with nutrients and moisture from the muscles, so the cushion becomes higher. During the day, a person experiences an axial load on the the spine and intervertebral discs are getting thinner and thinner. Therefore, to metabolic processes took place in normal mode and to rest the spine from the axial load, sleep in sufficient quantities.

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So if you have a sore lower back, be sure to consult your doctor. If you are diagnosed with a hernia or protrusion, in any case, do not refuse to move. But pick up the correct physical activity and strictly follow the safety precautions. I highly recommend to pick up exercise with a specialist.

If you haven't earned back problems and don't want to get in the future, you observe a drinking mode and sleep enough. But the most important thing is mobility.  In the East, there is a saying: "a Person remains young as long as he has a flexible spine."     

text: Victoria Mikhailova

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