The popular fitness model got fat and became a plus-size diva

The plus-size model of Latecia Thomas was not always such a bun. Once the girl presented herself as a fitness model and weighed only 50 kg, but she did not feel happy. Only after Latecia much recovered, she finally found the harmony and love your body!

The unusual Story of the Transfiguration

The Girl from his youth was shot for fashion magazines and even going to participate in the contest "Miss Australia". It boasted an iron press and perfectly smooth skin without a hint of cellulite.

But at some point Lately bothered to check a box to sit on exhausting diets and spend hours training at the gym. She stopped to commit violence over themselves and recovered on 30 kg.

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I've always been Nervi about wearing a romper being a thick gal but dang I think I've changed my mind. Be fearless mamas! ??? Romper by- @shopthickchic

A post shared by La Tecia Thomas (@lateciat) on Apr 5, 2017 at 7:07pm PDT

Recently Latecia was opublikoval in his Instagram collage of the unusual BEFORE and AFTER. "I was digging through my phone and found this old photo from the preparation for the fitness bikini contest. Many will look at it and say that it was better before. And I like any I to happy," writes Latecia and not seem disingenuous.

According to the girls, she is now healed of this busy life. She works with an Agency representing plus-size models, and photoshoots for various publications. And recently, Latecia happened to go on the podium of new York fashion week.

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Before and after u catch his attention ??

A post shared by La Tecia Thomas (@lateciat) on Dec 8, 2018 at 12:09pm PST

Aussie breaks stereotypes about how a plus-size girl should dress. She loves bright colors and ultra-mini, and closed swimsuits in her wardrobe is not there.

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It is Worth noting that sentences about photography and likes from followers Lately now gets much more than in the days when she was thin. And how do you like this transformation of the former pitoresca?

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