The plateau effect and how to overcome it when losing weight on a diet

Plateau effectYou can easily lose weight, already almost choose a new swimsuit, but a couple of weeks pass, and the arrow of the scales treacherously freezes, and even goes in the opposite direction. In this case, you do not violate the diet, and exercise. What happened? Your weight loss program is faced with a natural plateau effect, that is a long-term "standing" of the weight at the same level. In fact, the plateau is a natural reaction of the body's adaptation to the program losing weight. And the strategy to overcome it should be chosen depending on what you did to lose weight.

Plateau Effect on a strict diet

Problem: Sit on diet with calorie 1200 kcal and below longer than 1 week.

Reason: the Most unpleasant in strict diets is not even unusual food and hunger that will haunt you constantly. The problem is that the stricter and more uniform your diet, the greater the risk of stopping weight loss you experience. If you eat less than 1200 kcal, the following mechanisms are included:

  • Reduced immunity;
  • Slowing metabolism;
  • not motivated by hunger cravings for certain products.

Our body programmed nature, to considered such regime nutrition a real hunger strike, so instinct of self-preservation and against too rapid weight loss. Here you are you get a complex of reactions.

Solution: "boot" and fasting days. Approximately once every ten days, throw the body of fuel. Increase your diet to 2000-2500 kcal, but try not to eat both fatty and carbohydrate foods. Let between their admission will be at least three hours. The next day, reduce the diet to 1000 kcal, try to choose foods with high protein and low – fats and simple carbohydrates. Such a "swing" "shake" metabolism, and you will lose weight, will only keep it.

Plateau Effect in fitness

Problem: Too many workouts or too repetitive workouts.

Reason: Sometimes, in pursuit of rapid weight loss, we start to train more than necessary. Remember that if you do not play sports professionally, five hours of work in the fitness club a week will be enough for you. Anything that exceeds this level will only add stress to the body, which as well as a strict diet will transfer your body into energy storage mode.

Do Not engage in strength training every day. Sometimes, visiting group strength aerobics classes, we gain up to 5 hours of squats and twists on the press. For weight loss, only two power lessons are enough, the rest of the time in the hall devote to work on cardio, or group lessons of cardio.

Weight Loss can stop and if you have adapted to training. Constantly performing the same exercises with the same weight, you yourself cause a plateau effect.

Solution: First of all, try to your plan was 2 strength lessons, and 2-3 cardio lessons if you just want to lose weight. Do not make yourself too big "discounts" in the diet for fitness. Indeed, if you exercise, you need extra protein and nutrients. All this is better to add in the form of low-fat meat and a special complex of vitamins for fitness, and not in the form of additional snacks than horrible.

Changing the strength training program is worth it once you start doing the exercises easily, and stopped reducing weight. At the same time, cardio needs to be strengthened and varied every month.

And remember that women who lose weight slowly but surely are more likely to keep the result. Do not worry about the plateau, just slightly change the strategy, and success will not be long in coming.

Especially for – fitness trainer Elena Selivanova

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