The most effective anti-cellulite wraps

Cellulite is a problem of 70% of women, which takes years to fight . Sometimes even strict diets and sports training do not help to eliminate the hated "orange peel".

To effectively address the problem will help anticellulite wraps. However, do not rush to the SPA, as this procedure can be performed at home. Twice a week, do wraps, and very soon your skin will be smooth as porcelain!

How to properly perform anti-cellulite wraps

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So as not to harm health and to get maximum effect, follow the rules of the procedure:

1. Before wrapping, steam the skin in hot water with a scrub. Your pores will open and be ready to take active substances from the anti-cellulite mixture.

2. Prepared mixture abundantly lubricate the places affected by "orange peel".

3. Wrap with normal cling film. Tightness should be tight, but not squeezing.

4. from Top to wear warm pajamas or cover with a blanket.

5. After 30-40 minutes, rinse the mixture with warm water without using cosmetics.

6. After the session, apply moisturizer to the treated areas skins.

Wrap with honey

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To prepare the wrap mixture, take 1-2 cups of natural, non-sugared honey. Heat it (honey should become warm, but not hot). To enhance the effect in the heated mass, you can add half a glass of milk, sea salt or a couple of spoons of mustard.

Options body wraps with essential oils

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Wraps with essential oils are available in two versions:

1. Take 2 teaspoons citrus essential oil, 3 drops of cypress oil, 6 drops of rosemary oil and 2 tablespoons of base almond oil. Mix them well.

2. Heat 3 tablespoons of almond base oil in a water bath. It is important that the temperature is not too hot. Pour a teaspoon of bergamot oil and two tbsp of citrus oil into the warm base oil.

Please note! After the procedure, the mixture is better not to wash off, but simply RUB on the skin.

Options chocolate wraps

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To prepare the mixture, it is important to choose the right chocolate. It should be dark natural (cocoa beans content – above 50%). You can also use cocoa powder.

Consider the two most popular options of anti-cellulite wraps with chocolate:

1. 100 g of melted chocolate dilute 100-150 ml of hot water, to make it comfortable to apply on the body.

2. Mix 150 g of cocoa powder and a tablespoon of ground cinnamon. Add a little warm milk to get a creamy mass.

Pepper Wrap

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This wrap is the most effective, but not everyone can withstand it. To prepare the anti-cellulite mass, mix 2 tablespoons of red pepper, crushed to a powdery state, with 3 tablespoons of vegetable (preferably olive) oil.

Please note! Unfortunately, not all women can use wraps. They are contraindicated in hypertension, serious pathologies of the heart and blood vessels, kidney disease and allergies to the components of the mixture. Also, wraps should not be done during menstruation and pregnancy.

After the first procedure you will notice a positive effect. And in a month you will be able to brag of smooth skin!

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