The main secrets of weight loss TV presenter Regina Todorenko

At the end of last year, TV presenter and singer Regina Todorenko gave her husband a son. Already on the third day after birth, she was doing yoga in the ward, and a month later began to actively lose weight and return her slender figure.

For the pregnancy, Regina had put on 18 kg, and 15 of them she already did. The presenter does not hide his secrets of weight loss, and with pleasure they shares!

Replacing harmful food on buckwheat

Regina quite quickly after childbirth began to filming in various television projects, however even in "Hiking" conditions she seeks to avoid "junk" food. Instead fast food and other harmful products, she uses buckwheat, which is constantly carried in a container.

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Mother in fact ??????? Guys, we have already started to prepare for you a new season #Pyatnitsasreginoy @prtshow Who are you waiting for in the new season of my show? MUA&HAIR – @yanabuzychkina ❤on!!!

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First, Regina was eating buckwheat and cheese. Then came the original buckwheat with nuts and olives. Then she began to experiment and try buckwheat under sauces of hot pepper and tomatoes with onions. I think the TV presenter took on arming the idea of the Japanese who know a thousand ways of cooking rice.


Among all kinds of physical activities for weight loss Regina prefers fashionable direction in fitness - body ballet. It is based on movements from classical choreography, yoga, ballet and Pilates.

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#of Demilia ?♀ I finally #escaped to dance ?Do my legs not obey me at all ??♀it's amazing that after childbirth some clips , or I just swam fat because of tons eaten croissants ?☺ this during the pregnancy) it would Seem that on the 3rd day after childbirth in the ward, I was doing yoga, and then on to ballet, even a leg from a parquet hard ??‍♀️ tear off. I challenge #BROKE FOR an HOUR – have to throw in another treacherous 5 kg Note ?: during the pregnancy I gained 18kg, have got rid of 15 and 5 need to loose for full comfort and peace of mind ?. Let's hit the road ?????? By the way , what do you do when you have an hour to break out of the house between feeding, cleaning, washing, etc.?) #of regeneradora #beginauthenticate #patiserries

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With the help of body ballet, you can not only lose weight, but also develop flexibility, strengthen muscles, gain plasticity, Royal posture and gracefulness. People without special training can do it.

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Massage with coconut oil

Regina loves massage with ecological coconut oil, which activates metabolism at the cellular level. And vitamin E, contained in this tool, perfectly nourishes the skin, softening and smoothing it.

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Shootings my show been paved the beginning of ? #Patiserries , the season called "Home". Now we are waiting for our guests with @vladtopalovocial apartments) ? Tell me, guys , who is the most anticipated guest in the new season @prtshow ? #of regeneradora #beginauthenticate Mua&hair – @yanabuzychkina

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Massage with coconut oil helps to get rid of stretch marks and puffiness, reduce cellulite, restore skin elasticity and speed up the process fat burning.

Please note! aside From massage, there is still 5 ways to use coconut oil for beauty and health.

Looking at Regina Todorenko, it becomes clear that she knows a lot about weight loss, because her secrets should take note!

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