The Japanese diet for weight loss reviews, menu and nine-day orange diet

The Japanese Dietthe Diet proposed by Margaret the Queen, is today one of the most popular power systems of stars of show business.

With the help of this diet could easy to lose weight the singer Valeria. According to unofficial sources Valeria lost six kilograms. After this news, the diet of Margarita Koroleva was appreciated by other representatives of the stellar Olympus of the national stage. And the Margarita Queen received the status of "star" nutritionist's.

The Peculiarity of the "star" food system is that it is based on the principle of healthy separate power.


  1. it is Necessary to consume a lot of liquid. A day you need to drink at least 2-2,5 liters water no gas, either herbal or green tea. Before eating, it is mandatory to drink a glass of water. The rest of the time, you can drink no more than 150 ml of liquid at a time.

    the use of liquid

    Under this on diet Margarita Queen is strictly forbidden to drink water while eating and immediately after it, as many of us have.
    Moreover, the recommended volume of water is mainly necessary to drink until 18:00. And after 7 PM are allowed to drink more than two glasses.

    Advice from nutritionist:
    Start the day with "water treatments". It is recommended to drink a glass of clean water in the morning without gas.

  2. Requires one day per week to allocate for unloading, during which it is necessary to use only kefir and cottage cheese in small portions.
  3. In basis of diets lies fractional power. We eat 5 times a day, 2 more times you can easily eat. It should be noted that meat and fish products should be consumed only once a day, preferably at lunch. One portion for a man is 300 grams of meat, and for a woman – no more than 250 grams. And it is necessary to cook meat for a couple.
    Diet provides a complete exception to the diet of products containing sugar, pasta and bakery products, all kinds of sauces and alcoholic beverages (except dry wine).

9 day diet Margarita Queen


This diet is a representative of the classic monodieta, which, according to the nutritionist, are the most effective for weight loss.

  • the First three days of this diet involve the use of boiled rice. It is prepared in this way: a glass of rice in the evening soaked in water, and in the morning poured into boiling water and cooked for 10-15 minutes. In the morning you should eat a glass of rice. The author of a diet advises to eat its rest for day until 19:00 in equal quantity every hour.
  • At the end of these days, the next three days should eat chicken meat. To do this, we need 1-1.3 kilograms of chicken, first remove the skin from it. Chicken should be boiled until tender. Eat chicken in small portions throughout the day until seven o'clock in the evening.
  • the Rest three days need eat vegetables. They can be eaten both fresh and boiled. The daily rate of vegetables is placed in 800 gram jar. They should also be eaten during the day until 19:00. Any salads from vegetables. You can not use salted and fermented vegetables.

dishes without salt and sugar

All dishes are eaten without salt and sugar. It is mandatory every day to drink 2.5 liters of liquid, mineral water is best suited without gas.


And for the national all-stars show business Margarita Koroleva presented a special orange-egg diet.


  • in the Morning you need to eat one orange,
  • exactly one hour later – egg whites, no yolk
  • still through hour – the next orange,
  • and so during the day you need to eat 6 oranges and 6 egg whites.

Drink plenty of liquid. Best suited non-carbonated water, as well as green or herbal tea. For lovers of sweet allowed one Cup of tea with a spoonful of honey. This drink can be drunk once a day.

Contraindications to diet Margarita Queen

Contraindications to diet Margarita Queen

Nine-day diet, like orange-egg, contraindicated: gastric ulcer, heart diseases, any acute diseases. Also in any chronic disease should consult with doctor.

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