The highest quality automatic blood pressure monitor: the ranking of the best models

Self-monitoring of blood pressure is indicated not only for the elderly. Measurement is required for those who are prone to hypertension and have problems with the heart, blood vessels, overweight, all after 40-50 years. For this purpose, tonometers are used, which are of different types. 

But the most easy to use automatic models. With them cope as a schoolboy and a pensioner. But what automatic blood pressure monitor is recommended to choose? The rating of the best options is presented below.

Omron R1

Omron R1

Precision rating best blood pressure monitors 2019 opens the Omron device R1. The low-cost wrist pressure meter is equipped with an intelligent control system. It differs from mechanical solutions by high accuracy of results (only 5% error). 

Among other advantages stand out:

  • ease of use;
  • compactness;
  • low cost.

Device OMRON doesn't offer unnecessary features. To get the results, you need to press 1 button. Measurements are displayed large and clearly. Therefore, this wrist blood pressure monitor often purchased for older people.

B. Well A-23

B. Well A-23

In the top 6 of the best tonometers falls and inexpensive Chinese, but high-quality device B. Well A-23. The automatic shoulder model is equipped with a universal cuff. V the set includes the AC adapter. It has a small error and the ability to record in memory about 60 results. 

Suitable for older couples, as there is an option to switch between users. The model is equipped with a who scale, which makes it possible to better navigate the results.

A Tonometer is able to capture the arrhythmia.

A&D UA 668

A&D UA 668

Functional option from the Japanese brand is fixed on the hand. The well-known company offered a good device with an enlarged painless cuff (its size is 22-23 cm). The fully automatic and option for home use is controlled by a single button.

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Among the main advantages should be note:

  • easy to use;
  • convenience;
  • ability to view the history of the last 30 measurements;
  • budget cost;
  • availability in pharmacies.

But the network adapter in the kit is not provided. In the line of this brand there are models UA 777 and UA 888, but they are somewhat inferior to this option.


Accurate wrist device from Japanese brands (assembled in Indonesia) - NISSEI WS-820. The model is convenient and compact, which distinguishes it from the versions-semi-automatic or mechanical devices. The tonometer, designed for two users, is complemented by intelligent control. It is easy to calculate atrial fibrillation. 

If the pulse is unstable, automatically makes 3 measurements, which allows get the average. The accuracy of measurements does not depend on arrhythmia. The version is so small and convenient that it is often taken with you on the road, to the country, to work. 

Attractive and low price device.

A&D UA-911 BT-C

A&D UA-911 BT-C

An Interesting option from the Japanese manufacturer - automatic device A&D UA-911 BT-C. Attractive feature of the model that distinguishes it from the classic semi-automatic and electronic tonometers, - the presence of the LCD screen. Indicators from the device via Bluetooth can be sent to a smartphone (IOS and Android platforms). This model of the Andes (often called AMD) allows you to save the results on the official website in your account.

The Device is equipped with a comfortable cuff that does not cause pain or severe compression. The device is easy and comfortable to operate. It has an arrhythmia indicator.


Excellent German tonometer - Tensoval. The wrist version with a double measurement system is an excellent device if you need to get the most accurate results. The error in his work is minimal. 

Is to take this camera to those who are easily controlled with the technique. The device can be connected to a computer or laptop, which makes it possible to analyze the results through a special programs.

Good tonometers are not 6 or even 10. Therefore, you should watch the video to choose the right device for the home:

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