The girl was chewing a mint and was unrecognizable: photo BEFORE and AFTER

Josephine Desgrand, a resident of Australia, since childhood was full. Because of the painful craving for sweets every year its weight only increased.

Once, the girl looked at myself in the mirror and realized that more can not continue. At only 19 years old, she weighed 120 kg! A couple of years later, Josephine managed to lose up to 57 kg with Instagram and one secret product!

Weight loss Story Josephine

On the way to weight loss, Josephine first decided to give up cookies, cakes, chocolate bars and other sugar-containing products. However, to overcome food dependence was not so just.

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Then she asked for help in Instagram and subscribed to the profiles of people who were able to transform your body. Looking at their photos "before" and "after", the girl received a charge of inspiration and motivations.

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To reduce sugar cravings, Josephine had invented a clever trick. "I just chew mint leaves and it really helps," she wrote on its page on Instagram.

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This approach helped Josephine lose 63 kg of excess weight - for three years she weighs 57 kg and wears 42 size clothes. She's not consume sugar and feeling full of energy. 

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Josephine is Now a fitness trainer and continues to lead the page on Instagram, motivating subscribers to change their lives!

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