The girl tried the "bar" and fused 10 kg per month

Plank - one of the most popular exercises in the world, which can be performed anywhere and without any special equipment. It looks very simple, but it makes almost all muscle groups work. In addition, during the execution of the bar the body consumes a huge amount of calories.

With this exercises American could get rid of 10 kg weight loss in a month and find a nice relief bodies!

Weight loss Story

Barbara though living in USA but has Mexican roots. His Latin blood, she explains the tendency to gain weight. The girl never had complexes about excess weight, as in her family such volumes are quite normal. Therefore, she did not take active steps to weight loss, although with a growth of 165 cm already weighed 80 kg.

"I thought that genetics can not be fooled, but it was only an excuse to continue to lie on the couch and eat chips," says 25-year-old Barbara.

She probably would never have played sports, if not met a guy who was a coach at cross-fit. They started Dating, and Barbara herself did not notice how she began to increasingly look into the gym.

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Barbara's Boyfriend tried to teach her how to use the machines, but they did not attract her. Then he showed her how to do the bar. At first, the girl could hold the bar no more than 40 seconds, but thanks to daily training now, she could easily hold the position for 2 minutes.

What same was the surprise of Barbara, when she noticed that the extra weight goes. This inspired the girl to give up chips, fast food, sweets and other "junk" food.

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For couple of months Barbara managed to get rid of 20 kg excess weight and, on own confessions, she not intends to stop there. In addition to weight loss, plank helped the girl to achieve beautiful posture and excellent coordination, as well as develop endurance and muscles!

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