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Diet for the lazy on the waterIt has long been a classic question of how to lose weight, overeating at night. Most people who are overweight, to some extent live on this principle, as they want to get rid of extra pounds, without making any effort. Therefore, a variety of diets are born every day, one of the newthe most simple diet for lazy on water.

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This is the easiest way to get rid of extra pounds in that case when to give up your favorite foods do not have enough willpower. Diet for the lazy does not provide prohibitions and this is good. The main problem of everyone who wants to lose weight is that it is very difficult to radically change your lifestyle and adjust it in accordance with the requirements of diets, so if you follow strict rules, there are often breakdowns. That is why the dropped pounds are often very quickly return.
Diet on the water is very different from all other methods of weight loss due to its availability. It is more like a way of life.

Menu and simple diet rules for the lazy

  • Each time to drink 15-20 minutes before meals two glasses of water!
  • you can Have everything that you want!
  • During meals and after for two hours after not to drink!

After two hours, you can drink your favorite coffee, green tea without sugar with a piece of lemon, but without food (cookies, cake, candy, buns), otherwise you start eating again.

Snack, even the smallest is considered a full meal, so before it is necessary to drink at least a glass of water, be it one Apple or candy.

The Total volume of liquid to be drunk should not exceed 2-2.5 liters, for four meals this volume is enough. For those who are not used to drinking so much water, the first days can be difficult, then you can start not with two glasses of water before eating, but with one.

Diet Results

According to reviews, the diet for the lazy two weeks you can lose about 8-10 pounds! Of course, this only applies to cases when a person is to diet eating really a lot.

The principle of the diet for lazy very simple: water consumed before the meal brings a feeling partly full stomach. Appetite declines due to the already existing feeling of satiety, which leads to eating fewer calories during meals. In this case, the water itself is zero calorific.

In Addition, the liquid contributes improve metabolism thanks to what is obtained from food fats are not stored, and utilized by the body.

It is Important to remember only one thing: the liquid to be drunk before eating should be exactly water, clean and not carbonated. Sweet soda, juices and compotes are excluded, as they are a source of extra calories. If before the diet you drank a lot of sweet drinks, reducing daily caloric intake will occur, including through them.

For those who want to strengthen the effect of the diet, in addition, you can try a method of alternative replacement products. In this case, in addition to taking water before eating, it is necessary to replace harmful dishes more useful. Replace pork with lean beef, fructose sugar, milk and white chocolate with black. But in this case to call a diet the most simple and lazy it is impossible, as certain restrictions it still provides and not everyone can convince themselves that the dietary chicken for a couple is as good as a fat juicy steak.

Despite the fact that a diet that recommends only drinking 2 glasses of water before eating, at first glance it seems quite harmless, especially in comparison with other more stringent methods, but it also causes controversy.
Drink water should be happy. If the body does not need this the amount of water, the benefits of its forced use can not be.
Also, you can not drink a lot in the presence of kidney problems. Therefore, before using a diet, you should consult your doctor.

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