The doctor from Seoul offended Anfisa Chekhov, calling her fat

Anfisa Chekhov is on vacation in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Star traditionally divided fans highlights. However, a wonderful trip was overshadowed by a meeting with a local doctor. Specialist gave her an insulting diagnosis.

"the doctor told Me that I am... fat. I tried to explain to him that the main fat in my body is concentrated in the chest, but so far we have not agreed," Anfisa Chekhov Said with a smile.

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Fans of the presenter suspected that in Seoul, doctors talk about obesity to everyone and everyone to make money on the procedures that get rid of "excess fat". Otherwise it is difficult to explain why slim Anfisa was diagnosed with such a disappointing diagnosis. However, now the presenter is more confident in its attractiveness and is unlikely to worry about it.

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Recall, Anfisa Chekhov a long time suffered from excess weight, but thanks to his tenacity was able get rid of hated kilograms. Over the past couple of years, the presenter dropped 25 pounds. To do this, she permanently excluded from the diet three products: yeast, sugar and meat. Anfisa also started doing yoga.

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