The daughter of Yegor Konchalovsky has changed out of all recognition, dropping 30 kg

Just a year 17-year-old daughter of Yegor Konchalovsky and Lyubov Tolkalina changed beyond recognition, dropping 30 kg of excess weight. Now Masha is happy to share the secrets of her weight loss! 

The Daughter of Director and actress believes that the key to weight loss is a strong motivation. Then do sports and limit yourself in the diet is not difficult. 

"First this was the right nutrition and sport, then different diets. In fact, I just wanted and lost weight. There's nothing wrong with that. That's how much I'm lazy and weak-willed, but dropped about 30 pounds. And we can not say that it was archaic," - said Mary.

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However, Lyubov Tolkalina not happy with drastic weight loss daughter as worried about her health. "I try to feed the child literally from a spoon. I make her eat at least a piece," admitted the actress.

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Many of Masha's Instagram followers note that she has become too thin. However, she is absolutely happy with her figure and harshly responds to haters: "get Out from my page and don't come in again."

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