The calorie content of eggs benefits of eggs for weight loss and health

caloric content of eggsEggs are an excellent source of nutrients. Egg contains protein, fats, carbohydrates, almost all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Egg is a unique product that is absorbed by the body by 97-98%.

The Calorie content of chicken eggs

The Calorie content of eggs directly depends on his size. The following are sample values:

  • the calorie content of a medium egg – 70 calories,
  • large chicken egg – 80 kcal,
  • very large egg – 90 kcal.

Nutritional value of eggs

An Egg is composed of albumen and yolk.
egg Protein contains all necessary for the growth and functioning of human amino acids, while it is absorbed by our body almost 100%. Protein a medium egg contains an 17 kcal (the caloric content of the protein is about a quarter of the total caloric content of the egg) and contains almost no fat.

The composition of chicken egg protein contains: water (85 %), whites (12.7 per cent), fats (0,3 %), carbohydrates (0.7 percent), enzymes (protease, dipeptidase, the diastasis), group vitamins In.

Yolk eggs also contains proteins, as well as fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, including calcium, iron, manganese, zinc, vitamins A, E, group B. the caloric Content of the yolk of the middle egg is about 50-55 kcal.

The Yolk of an average chicken egg contains approximately: protein – 2.7 g, carbohydrates – 0.61 g, fats – 4.51 g.
The content of fatty acids in the yolk: polyunsaturated fatty acids – 18%, monounsaturated fatty acids – 52%, saturated fatty acids – 28%.

Yolk of an egg contains cholesterol – an average of 210 mg.

    Recent studies have shown that egg cholesterol is balanced by lecithin and is therefore safe if you have normal cholesterol levels.

But if you have high cholesterol, the yolk in the diet should be restricted.

Do not use egg yolk together with other animal fats, TRANS fats.
Also make sure that your diet was enough plant fiber, which outputs cholesterol.

Than useful chicken eggs

Nutrients, contained in the egg, easily and almost completely absorbed by the body.

  • Eggs contain substances useful for hematopoiesis.
  • Contains in the chicken egg and substances that protect the optic nerve, preventing the formation of cataracts.
  • Lecithin, contained in the egg yolk, increases mental performance, is useful for strengthening memory.
  • Those who regularly consume eggs, healthy bones and strong teeth.
  • The egg contains vitamin of youth and beauty – vitamin E.
  • Eggs stimulate the immune system and help to lose weight.
  • More on how to apply eggs for weight loss: egg diet for 4 weeks.
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