The caloric value of boiled beets per 100 grams

The list of the most useful ingredients for the human body includes boiled beets, the caloric content of which allows you to use this root crop even during weight loss. In addition, it can be used to prepare a huge number of delicious dishes. Why spend money to buy exotic food, if very close to useful and, moreover, a cheap product? Amarna beets will be a good helper in the struggle with excess weight, and provide a complete set of valuable substances to the human body.

Note! Table beet is a product "with experience". Even in ancient times it was present on the tables of the Greeks and Persians. And not only the root was used for food, but also the tops. Before serving, she was soaked in wine.

the Caloric value of boiled beets

The Caloric value of boiled beet on water in the amount of 100 grams is at the level of 49 kcal. Most of the root crops are carbohydrates, of which there are 10.8 g. protein Content – 1.8 g. the Product is characterized by a complete lack of fat in the composition.

To find out how many calories are contained in dishes prepared on the basis of boiled beets, it is recommended to read the data below.

table calorie boiled water on the beets when you add extra ingredients

Product (100 gr.) Calorie, kcal
Boiled on water beet, mixed garlic 85
Boiled on water beet, grated with garlic, with the addition of vegetable oil 110
Boiled beet combined with garlic and mayonnaise 122
Boiled beets, seasoned with vegetable oil 103
Boiled beets flavored with sour cream 65
Beets, boiled with the use of prunes 145
Boiled beets with carrots and vegetable oil 107

Nutritional value, similar to the caloric value of the food prepared from boiled beets, can vary depending on additional products.

table BZHU dishes, prepared from boiled beet

Product (100 gr.) Carbohydrates, g Fats, g Proteins, g
Boiled beet with garlic 7.2 5.3 2.1
Boiled beet combined with mayonnaise and garlic 10.5 8.2 2
Boiled beet, seasoned sour cream 10 2 2
Boiled beets in combination with prunes 19 7.3 2
Boiled beets seasoned with vegetable oil 8.5 7 1,8

Benefits for the human body

About half of all nutrients present in beet are sodium. There is calcium, but in lesser amounts. When beet enters the human body salts of oxalic acid, which accumulate in the vessels, dissolve more actively. The juice of this root helps to make the walls of the veins softer and more elastic. Thus, boiled beet is recommended for use at high pressure and other problems with the cardiovascular system.

Due To the presence of chlorine, the liver, kidneys and gallbladder are purified of harmful substances, the functions of vital organs are restored.

It's interesting! After heat treatment, the nutritional properties of beets are not lost, so it it is useful to use in any form.

It is Worth noting that boiled beet is used not only in cooking. Due to the large number of nutrients included in its composition, the root crop is used as a drug. For example, beet juice is the prevention of many diseases. It strengthens the immune system, which helps the body to fight a lot of diseases. Of course, beets are not used as the main means to treat ailments, but it can complement drug therapy.

Beet contains many vitamins, among which folic acid (B9) occupies a special place. It enhances protein metabolism and promotes the synthesis of red blood cells.

Note! 1 piece of boiled beets of medium size contains about a quarter of the daily requirement of folic acid.

Use for weight loss

The Advantage of the root crop is that it can be used in any form by almost all people. Contraindications beets has almost no. And thanks to the low calorie this vegetable is often included in the menu at weight loss. In addition, the use of beets does not adversely affect the figure, the body receives a whole set of nutrients. That is why nutritionists around the world recommend slimming people to do fasting days on the basis of this vegetable's.

How to cook beets?

Since beets are most often used boiled, many people are interested in how to cook a vegetable. It is worth noting that this is very simple. First of all, beets should be washed without cutting the lower part and the root. So it will be possible to preserve the juiciness. Put the root crop in a pot and pour cold water. Then put on the fire and bring to a boil. Cook for at least 45 minutes over medium heat. The exact cooking time of beets depends on the size and characteristics of the product.

To see cooked beets or not, you need to pierce it with a toothpick. If it is soft enough, hot water can be drained, and instead pour cold and after a minute pour. This will help to clean the beet faster when it cools down.

In whatever form beets are prepared, they will have a positive impact on the development of the human body. In particular, contributes to the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system, restores gastrointestinal function, eliminating constipation. In addition to the content of a large number of valuable substances, this vegetable has a low caloric content. This means that the use of beets figure will remain slim and fit, and good health.

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