The cabbage soup diet

The cabbage soup diet
Cabbage diet is a low-calorie monodieta, which is quite difficult to tolerate by the body, and therefore it is impossible to apply to it more than once a year. The diet is the same every day, which is not easy from a psychological point of view. Snack during the day is allowed, but only raw cabbage, drink – you can only water or green tea, but not more than two liters per day. In the morning you can drink a Cup of coffee, it accelerates metabolism.

Despite the fact that the results have to wait for some time, cabbage monodiet is really highly effective, because of the low caloric content of cabbage. At the same time, cabbage contains a lot of minerals, vitamins, fibers and vegetable fiber necessary for the human body, which stimulates the activity of the intestine.

Different varieties of cabbage vary in energy value:

Brussels sprouts = 44 kcal per 100 gram

Cabbage kohlrabi = 42 kcal per 100 grams

Cauliflower = 32 kcal per 100 grams

White cabbage = 26 kcal per 100 grams.

Diet not limits you in choosing varieties, so start from own preferences. However, the most effective conventional white cabbage with a minimum caloric content. Sauerkraut is even less caloric (19 kcal per 100 grams), therefore, with a cabbage diet every three days, fresh cabbage you can substitute pickled.


  • Do not drink alcohol during the diet
  • Prohibited from use sugar and of salt
  • Forbidden pastry

The Duration of this monodiet is 10 days. During this time, you can throw 6-10 kg.

The Classic cabbage diet implies the same menu every day for 10-14 days.

The Menu can be as follows:

  • Breakfast
    coffee or green tea (without sugar), or pure still water
  • Lunch:
    cabbage and carrot salad with olive oil; 200 grams of boiled chicken, lean beef or Pisces
  • Dinner:
    cabbage salad, half a chicken egg, Apple
  • Snack:
    two hours before bedtime you can drink a glass of low-fat kefir

Salad can be replaced with cabbage soup.

cabbage diet Benefits:

Weight Loss on cabbage diet is really effective, the result is long-term, weight is not returned in the transition to balanced diet.
The diet will be useful for people with kidney and liver diseases, gastrointestinal tract (except ulcers, gastritis, colitis and enteritis, infectious diseases). Cabbage diet stimulates the intestines.

Simultaneously with weight loss, the body is purified of toxins and slags.

Disadvantages of cabbage monodiet

Performance is likely to decrease, because the body during the diet will only the required minimum of carbohydrates is 20 grams. Due to this, excess fat is consumed. But an additional effect – apathy, bad mood, reduced attention and speed of reactions, migraines are possible. In view of these side effects is to go on a diet on vacation, so as not to harm work or school.

Diet not balanced in terms of vitamins and minerals, so that will require consultation doctor and appointment vitamin complex.

Metabolism on cabbage diet is not it improves, on the contrary, so after the diet should go to the right balanced diet.

The Cabbage soup diet, like most mono-diet, very hard to follow it seriously. But the result justifies all efforts, try, and soon you will notice progress and get closer to your ideals. Good luck!

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