The best protein foods for diet and weight loss? - advice of an experienced nutritionist

List of protein productsProtein products are the most important component of the diet of any person. Almost all of them have high biological value and stimulate metabolism. That is why protein products can help both in weight loss and in the recovery of the body.


How is the weight loss from protein products Protein diet: products for weight loss table of protein content in food Proteins in malouglevodnomu products, fruits and other food What can be consumed in a protein diet?

Meanwhile, according to studies, the diet of Russians is not enough complete protein, because a list of food with high protein content in the menu of our countrymen is too small. Doctors attribute this to the fact low immunity, hormonal disorders, heart disease.


List of protein products first, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the protein increases the time of carbohydrate absorption, which helps to maintain a stable blood sugar level longer. So protein nutrition not leaves feelings hunger. It should also be noted that the body spends much more energy on protein absorption than on absorption carbohydrates and fats. Therefore, you will lose weight even without exercise, of course, if you practice low-carbohydrate nutrition.


Making a list of food for weight loss, pay attention to the amount of protein in different foods and decide which ones you can eat. For example, eating a piece of chicken or cottage cheese, you get a lot of protein. And eating the same weight piece of bread – much less. Many people do not having experience in the preparation of the diet, there is a natural question: protein food – is what? Most often, the protein diet contains:

  • malouglevodnomu foods such as lean meats – not fatty any variety, the most suitable for boiled chicken;
  • fish and seafood;
  • milk (up to 2.5% fat), the most useful natural (not reduced);
  • goat's milk is considered to be the best available on the market;
  • egg proteins (which, by the way, are well absorbed);
  • low-fat cottage cheese, preferably natural;
  • all sorts of cheese fat content not more than 25%;
  • soy milk or soy cheese (tofu).

List of protein products the protein Contained in the bread is relatively absorbed, so effective protein diets for weight loss virtually eliminate this product. Among cereals (dry food for weight loss) champion in buckwheat proteins (13% protein in dry cereals), so it can be called the best source of carbohydrates. In General, the menu of low-carb diet contains cereals and bread at a minimum, so it should be taken into account. The menu stands out carbohydrate-free diet for athletes, enabling to get a result, but giving the extreme stress on the body.

protein Source Coef-t assimilation
Milk 1.00
Isolated soy protein 1.00
Eggs 1.00
Beef 0.92
pea flour 0.69
Beans canned 0.68
Oats 0.57
Lentils 0.52
Peanuts 0.52
Wheat 0.40

Table of protein content in food

The table shows the protein content and fat per 100 grams of product.

Protein products Proteins, g Fats, g
Beef Liver 17.4 3.1
Lamb Liver 18.7 2.9
Liver pork 18.8 3.6
Heart 15 3
Turkey 21.6 12
Chickens 18.7 7.8
Chickens 20.8 8.8
Rabbit 20.7 12.9
Beef 18.9 12.4
Pork lean 16.4 27.8
Pork fat 11.4 49.3
Veal 19.7 1,2
Diabetic boiled sausage 12.1 22.8
Dietary boiled sausage 12.1 13.5
Doctor's boiled sausage 13.7 22.8
Krakow smoked sausage 16.2 44.6
Minsk salami 23 17.4
Cooked-smoked Servelat 28.2 27.5
Shrimp far Eastern 28.7 1,2
Tuna 22.7 0.7
Keta 22 5,6
pink Salmon 21 7
Salmon 20.8 15.1
Saira petty 20.4 0.8
Halibut 18.9 3
Squid 18 0.3
Herring 17.7 19.5
Pollock 15.9 0.7
Mackerel 18 9
Caviar sturgeon granular 28.9 9.7
Caviar Pollock breakdown 28.4 1.9
Peanuts 26.3 45,2
Seed sunflower 20.7 52.9
Hazelnut 16.1 66.9
Almonds 18.6 57.7
Walnut 13.8 61.3
rye Bread 4.7 0.7
wheat Bread from flour I varieties 7.7 2.4
Pastry 7.6 4.5
Buckwheat nucleolus 12.6 2.6
Millet 12,0 2.9
Rice 7 0.6
Oatmeal 11.9 5,8
Peas whole 23 1,2
Soy 34.9 17.3
Beans 22,3 1.7
Soy meat 52 1
Milk 2.8 3.2
Milk powder whole 25.6 25,0
natural Yoghurt 1.5% fat content 5 1.5
low-fat Kefir 3 0.1
low-fat cottage Cheese 18 0.6
white Cheese from cow's milk 17.9 20.1
Dutch Cheese 26.8 27.3
Poshekhonsky cheese 26,0 26.5


Proteins in malouglevodnomu products, fruits and other food

Low-Carb vegetables, fruits contain much less protein than animal products. The most protein-rich plant foods are legumes, which can be as rich as meat. Nuts are also relatively rich in protein. What foods containing protein can be eaten on a diet? In order not to harm the body, it is necessary to alternate different protein foods, because in this way the body will not give allergic reactions (a common example: when too many eggs are eaten, a rash may appear on the skin). The list of protein foods for weight loss is made individually. The ABC Diet is there a special table where there is a list malouglevodnomu, no carb, carbohydrate foods according to their composition, calorific value. The main parameters when choosing: high protein absorption rate and higher protein content per calorie. Buy carb-free food today is not a problem, because it is in almost any supermarket. List of protein products


Making an approximate menu of protein diet for weight loss, choose natural food, including lactose-free, high-protein, low – fat. Proteins are best absorbed, subjected to heat treatment, as they become more accessible to the enzymes of the gastrointestinal tract. However, heat treatment can reduce the biological value of protein due to the destruction of some amino acids. The quality of food proteins is evaluated by their absorption coefficient. It takes into account the amino acid composition (chemical value) and completeness of digestion (biological value). Food with a coefficient equal to 1.0, close to this, are the most valuable sources protein for humans. Quality assessment of various food proteins according to the who are given in the table protein food.

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  • 2 or less times a week 6%, 4 voices 4 voices 6% 4 votes - 6% of all votes
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  • Every day
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