The benefits of fasting days for health and weight loss

Not everyone is able to maintain a strict diet for a long time, because food is one of those pleasures that are difficult to refuse.

Dietitians recommend fasting days in order to maintain your weight in the normal, and maybe lose weight.
Fasting days options.

Usually fasting days are recommended once a week. But after the holiday feasts can be "paraphrase" and 2 days in week.

Are fasting days good for weight loss?

To be quite persistent and to arrange fasting days for several months once a week, and does not transmit in the remaining days, it is possible and proper to lose weight without torturing yourself with strict diets. Lose weight, including through a smooth transition to a healthier diet, the rejection of snacks consisting of "empty calories".

The Advantages of unloading days in that they contribute to the retention the achieved weight, namely this is often the most difficult.

Moreover, fasting days do not have to be hungry.

Order of discharge does not become a stress to the body and not harmed, it is best to they are not haphazard, but on a certain day every week.

Thus it is useful to alternate the fasting days according to the composition of the products. This week, for example, Apple, on next – meat or curd.

The discharge day can go 0,5-1,5 kg of weight, of course, a large part of the water, but 0,3-0,5 kg in one fasting day to lose weight really.

Besides this, the use of fasting days is also at this time resting the gastrointestinal tract, cleaned the intestines, in addition, it is the prevention of liver disease, the formation of gallstones, normalization of metabolism. A body cleansing will lead to a reduction of the manifestations of allergic diseases, skin improvement.

Special case – unloading after celebratory overeating. The amount that we ate and drank during the holidays is dangerous not so much that will be deposited in fat, as the fact that stretching the stomach will require in the days that followed, more and more food.

And here salvation can be 1-2 fasting days, during which we will limit the amount of food consumed and caloric content, which will allow the body to return to normal.

General recommendations for fasting days

  • Usually calorie fasting day – 700-1000 kcal per day.
  • Generally, the total number of products per the day should be divided into 5-6 meals.
  • To enhance the effect of discharge on the day prior to dinner easy better.
  • During the day, be sure to drink 2-2.5 liters of drinking or mineral water, you can also drink weak tea, vitamin herbal teas.
  • it is Desirable to increase night sleep duration during the fasting days.
  • recommendation for any fasting day: if hunger cannot be tolerated drink a glass of low-fat kefir.

There are many so that everyone can choose to their liking.
According to the composition of the products fasting days can be divided into:

  • carbohydrate – vegetable, fruit, berry,
  • fat – sour cream, creamy,
  • protein – fish, meat, cottage cheese, kefir,
  • combined.

For beginners good meat, cottage cheese or sour cream fasting day, they are easier to carry, but quite effective.

Fat fasting days

500 g 20% sour cream or cream divide into 5 equal portions and consume at regular intervals,
2 times a day, drink 1 Cup of rosehip infusion.

This power activates the enzymes that break down fats.

Useful and protein fasting days also increase the activity of enzymes that destroy fats, and, in addition,improve metabolism.

  • Curd – unloading on cottage cheese (on 150 g 4 times in day with 15 g sour cream).
  • Kefir – drink only kefir (250 ml 6 times a day).
  • Meat – 360 g boiled lean meat and 50-80 g vegetables divided into 4 parts and take in during the day.

In Addition, on protein days, 2-3 times a day, you can drink 1 Cup of coffee with milk (50 g) without sugar, it is also recommended to drink an infusion of rose hips.
Warning: meat days are contraindicated in patients with hypertension and kidney diseases.

If you are confident, try to do two fasting days in a row. In this case, nutritionists recommend the 1st day to make meat, and the 2nd – vegetable. As a result, in 2 days you can lose weight by 2-2.5 kg.

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