The advice of nutritionists. Gourmet diet

The Majority of those wishing to throw a kilo or so – another believe that you simply need to eat less. And, therefore, the gourmet in our society with his habit of tasty and hearty meal does not Shine weight loss and figure improvement. But, I hasten to please you – it's not so bad, and the foodie also has a chance to be slim.

To lose weight and keep in shape you should not stick to ascetics in nutrition and start a war with the desire to experience the pleasure of delicious food. No on the light of such dishes, which left us no chance at all to stay slim and beautiful. There are practically no strictly forbidden products, you just need to know the measure and not to get involved in the quantity.

Gourmets inclined to fullness have an opinion that if you get better by eating a variety of delicious spicy food, then in order to reduce the weight you need to eat all the opposite. That is, your food should be ordinary, uninteresting and fresh. And here they are they take a step towards this bad taste, struggle with their natural desire to eat, and then, usually, there is a breakdown and a new weight gain. And imagine that all this is repeated from time to time and gourmet experimenter is not something that reduces, but, most likely, gaining more weight. Do not do this ever, learn from the mistakes of others and listen to the advice of nutritionists.

So, your diet must comply with the following principles:

1. Do not switch to a diet on which you do not like, just reduce the amount of fat, smoked and fried food in the existing diet.
2. Cook everything in finely chopped form or have a knife and fork at hand to chop food while eating, do not eat large pieces.
3. Observe the rule when one large plate is served only a little. You need to savor each piece, passing from one type to another. So gradually you will be satiated faster and will eat less.
4. Eat a little, but more often. Do not take long breaks between meals.
5. Do not forget about the rule of pre-snack. You can before dinner, for example, for 15 minutes to drink kefir milk or eat some dried fruit with tea. This you will achieve reducing appetite and for the main meal will not be so carried away by working with a spoon.

As you can see, the tips for a gourmet who wants to be in shape are very simple and easy to follow. Have a nice gourmet meal!

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