Thai massage

Thai massage

Traditional tai massage is recognized as a unique means of preventing diseases of the spine and lumbar. Tibetan technique stimulates the activity of the nervous system, improves the efficiency and elasticity of muscles, removes toxins, improves immunity. Here is only a small list of the positive effects of Thai therapeutic therapy.

The Greatest emphasis of this tradition of kneading, very common in Thailand, directed to the point impact. Pressure on special points that lie in the projections of energy channels, careful processing of muscle tissue lead to the elimination of energy imbalance in the human body and, as a consequence, its rapid recovery. It is believed that the Eastern practice eliminates obstacles to the movement of energy, activates it. In this method of influence, ten main channels passing through the human body are used.

Another feature – a kind of ritual, it required a clear sequence of exercises. Master smoothly crosses from one set of movements to other. The sequence of exercises may vary depending on the client's wishes.

Thai massage

Tai massage: video

The video demonstrates a Relaxed, calm, comfortable atmosphere in which tai massage takes place.

Masseur moves easily, almost imperceptibly replaces one thing rubber on another. In Thai complex practice is worked out absolutely the whole body, from the top to the tips of the toes.

All the muscle clamps up top. By pressing on special points, responsible for the work of individual organs, the maximum health effect is achieved. However, this is not all the advantages of this procedure, because the activation of energy channels starts to work passive blood vessels, which in the normal state are not active.

Blood flow Increases, muscles relax even more.

Therapeutic touch relieve tension.

The Subtle expert rises in his movements to the top.

The Final point of the session is a facial massage.

Mysterious stroking massage therapist removes the last wrinkles and grimaces. Face relaxes.

One Wellness session is equivalent to three days of rest on nature.

Thai massage

Tibetan massage: video

No less effective is another kind of ancient Oriental art – Tibetan massage, video tutorials can be found on the Internet. Thanks to the long observation of the human body by numerous practices, a unique system of preservation and restoration of health has been created. Its main direction – is to restore the balance of subtle energies of man. The technique helps to remove back pain, neck, improves metabolism and blood circulation. The tonic effect of regenerative massage is unsurpassed. The best medicine for fatigue, completely eliminates nervous tension, excitability, helps with insomnia or stress. And what a rejuvenating effect! The skin becomes soft and supple.

Tibetan massage: contraindications

Many people have a question: are there any restrictions for the use of this ancient remedy for almost all diseases or ailments? Of course, like any remedy, there are some limitations in such an ancient science as Tibetan massage, contraindications of its use are as follows:

Thai massage

  • pregnancy;
  • breast-feeding;
  • hypertension;
  • high temperature;
  • cancer.
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