Technique of swimming with a crawl for beginners: video, training

The technique of swimming crawl for beginnersToday more and more people are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle: eat right, play sports. Swimming is a pleasant and effective type of training, because all muscle groups work during it. Free style, which usually swim in the pools, rarely brings results. A more efficient technique of swimming the crawl.

What is rabbit like swimming style?

The crawl is considered to be a simple style of swimming, which is characterized by a high speed of movement. It originated long ago, but adopted in European countries only since the 19th century.

The Technique of swimming crawl is simple enough. The swimmer must do the swings and pull with your hands. At the same time, it is necessary to lower and raise the legs alternately. Simply put, swimming with a crawl, the swimmer makes movements with his hands, similar to the work of the blades of the mill, and with his feet makes scissors.

The Technique of swimming crawl

To Swim the breaststroke on the back or on the chest. In the first case, during the stroke the arms straight, inhale, make a mouth, and exhale do the mouth and nose at the same time. The technique of swimming crawl on a breast is that of the hands during the stroke straight and unbent. Breathing is carried out similarly to the first case. Breath performing at the turning head.

In General, the technique of swimming crawl for beginners is presented as follows:

  • the Body is in a horizontal position, the feet are submerged in water for about 30-40 cm.
  • In the course of the movement the shoulders are higher than hips.
  • If we consider the averages, for 2-3 stroke hands performed about 5 Mach legs.
  • leg Movements similar to a motor engine of the boat, it is important to keep the socks stretched out and gently wrapped inside.
  • Technique swimming crawl provides a closed cycle of movements of the hands: one is followed by another.
  • one phase is two actions of pushing and pulling.

The technique of swimming crawl for beginners

If you follow the correct technique when swimming freestyle, you can count on a good result. It is so simple that for novice swimmers will not be difficult to learn it.

Work hands

Correct statement of hands played the dominant role in the technique of swimming crawl. Distinguish between several phases strokes hands:

  1. Dive under the water and dissolve.
  2. Main and support parts.
  3. Removing hands from water.
  4. Removal of the brush over water.

During the first phase, the arm bent, the elbow forms an acute angle. She goes under the water. First, there is a dip of the brush, then comes the turn of the shoulder. When the hand is under water, it is necessary pull forward. Then the first phase is replaced by the second.

With a reference stroke, the elbow is bent, it forms an obtuse angle between the forearm and the shoulder. With the main stroke, the arm is bent at the elbow, forming a right angle. In conclusion, the upper limb straightens before appearing out of the water.

During the third phase of the stroke when swimming the crawl, the straightened arm is at the side of the pelvis. Shoulder is removed from the water, then above its surface shows the palm and forearm.

At the last stage, the hand is carried over the water. It is important that the elbow was directed at this time in the ceiling. As a result, there is a preparation for a new cycle of movements.

The technique of swimming crawl for beginners


Technique stroke legs when swimming freestyle is alternating movements, reminiscent of scissors. In this case, the knees remain almost straight. Only a small bend is allowed to make wave-like movement of the foot. Strokes happen smoothly, from the hip. As for the socks, they are stretched over themselves.

Quite hard for beginners to determine what should be the amplitude of the movements of the legs while swimming freestyle. Therefore, at the initial stage of training, many swimmers hit hard in the rear by the water, producing a strong Mahi, or too immersed in them. However, as learning and growing experiences, they begin to swim crawl properly. Experts say, that the amplitude of the leg span is approximately the distance that makes up a quarter of the swimmer's height.

The technique of swimming crawl for beginners

The technique of swimming crawl for beginners

If pulls his legs under the water, it can be two reasons:

  • the swimmer's body is compressed, elongated poorly in water;
  • legs move with excessively large or small amplitude.


Right to swim crawl – it's not easy to make right in this. Important is the breath of a swimmer. The main thing is to keep the rhythm. The breath should be done through the mouth, turning his head to one side. At the same time the look is directed towards the hand making a stroke. Then the person must lowered into the water, making the exhale.

The Body will rotate correctly if an equal number of breaths are taken on each side. Thanks to this breathing technique, you can achieve high results when swimming with a crawl.

The technique of swimming crawl for beginners

To correctly perform the inhale, you can count the strokes. The best option is to inhale the second stroke.

Body Position

Before you start to swim crawl, you must take the starting position. The ideal option is when the body is stretched in a straight line, and the lower part of it is slightly lowered into the water. If you hold the whole body above water, you will need a huge amount of energy. Therefore, in order to comfortably swim, experienced swimmers are recommended to immerse it in water approximately 20 cm

The technique of swimming crawl for beginners

The Style of swimming crawl involves a constant rotation of the body of the swimmer. This means that most of the time he is not on his stomach, and in the half-turn. Such rotation is quite simple, because the body automatically follows the hand making the stroke. As a result, the inclination of the trunk goes to the limb, which is under water.

Technique reverberates

If doing the front crawl endurance or speed, you need to constantly remain in motion, almost without rest. To quickly make a turn without stopping at the side, you can push off with your feet and hands or perform a somersault under water.

First option the technique of turn is much easier the second. To make it easier, you need to put your hand in the water before the rim. For beginners, it may seem a challenge, because you need to accurately calculate the number of strokes to be in the right position at the finish. For experienced swimmers this is much easier.

Hand under the water, bring to the wall, to get closer to her, and then, by bending the limb at the elbow, with the strength to go on. At the same time and push with their feet, but before that, they should be properly grouped. The reversal is performed in the direction of helping hands. When it is done, you should take the starting position for swimming crawl and start paddling.

Somersault under water can make more professional swimmers, because his technique is more difficult than reversal at a side. When the last stroke is done, it is necessary, instead of lowering the head down, to dive with the help of scooping movements with your hands. Next, you should pull knees to the chest and do a somersault. When the eye rests on the ceiling, you need to push off the side and straighten your legs. A few seconds will have to slide under the water until the body will take the usual position. The swimmer himself will feel when it's time to turn over on his stomach to start swimming in the technique of rabbit.

The technique of swimming crawl for beginners

It Should be noted an important point: starting with your feet from the side, you should make a springy movement, not a kick with your heels. By beginners at the time of the somersault, there is another problem: water gets into the nose. To avoid this, you need to gradually release the air from it.

Frequent errors

Beginners swimmers often make mistakes in the process of learning the technique of swimming crawl. In this regard, the effectiveness of classes is reduced, and they themselves are uncomfortable. To swim the crawl correctly, you should avoid the following errors:

  • During the stroke phase above the water hand strained and held straight, which as a result will lead to muscle fatigue and greater expenditure of energy.
  • Late exhalation, resulting in insufficient intake of air as there is no time for it.
  • Placing the feet in the wrong position.
  • Wrong location of the face – if it too rises over the water, the neck muscles will be overworked from stress.
  • the Small turn of the body, making it difficult to breath.
  • Incorrect placement of the foot – it is important to remember that the sock should be pulled away as far as possible.

These are the most common mistakes of novice swimmers.

Videos for beginners: learning to swim with a crawl

The following videos for beginners will help you to Learn the correct technique of swimming with a crawl.

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