Tatyana Bulanova has discovered the secret of their failure-free diet

Tatiana Bulanova known poignant songs about unrequited love. However, few people know that most of the suffering it gave her a weight. The singer admits he was worried that because of its fullness from the age of 12.

After the birth of a son the problem of excess weight has become even bigger. In a panic, Tatiana began taking pills and supplements for weight loss, but they did not bring the desired result, but only undermined her health. Present salvation for the singer was the Hollywood diet Elizabeth Taylor, in which she made her adjustments. This technique Tatiana adheres to until now!

The Essence of diet

Tatiana said that realizing his tendency to corpulence, she began to diet. At first I didn't eat after six in the evening, then after five, then I went even further and now I stopped eating after four.

photo Source: instagram.com/bulanova.official

Also singer added, that if it turns out on a cocktail party, then sipping only water and eats fruits, for example, pineapple. From sugar, fatty foods and flour it is completely abandoned.

"do Not give in and do not feel sorry for yourself - there will be a reason for pride", - Tatiana says.

Diet Menu

On Breakfast singer eats low-fat cottage cheese or yoghurt. Sometimes it complements it with fruit-fat burners, for example, grapefruit, kiwi or pineapple.

Tatiana Bulanova weighs 50 kg due to a strict dietphoto Source: instagram.com/bulanova.official

Lunch should be hearty, because after him Tatiana almost nothing not eats, and only sipping water and green tea. However, it can't be greasy! This files most often for lunch, the singer eats steamed fish and salad from fresh vegetables.

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Due to dietary restrictions Tatiana managed to achieve the desired weight. In its 44 years, the singer weighs 50 kg with height 160 cm!

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