Tasty, fragrant and useful: apples with cinnamon for weight loss

Tasty, fragrant and useful: apples with cinnamon for weight losscinnamon Apples are a great creative tandem. In addition, these products are simply irreplaceable, as they are one of the main sources of nutrients. In addition, their significant advantage is the effective impact on the weight loss process. We have prepared for you some great recipes for weight loss, which include apples and cinnamon.

1. Delicious dessert – warm apples with cinnamon. If you lose weight, then this snack will fit perfectly instead of dinner, because the taste of cinnamon significantly reduces appetite, and apples are very useful for health.


– cut apples;
– sprinkle them with cinnamon;
– put in the microwave for 1 minute;
– enjoy your meal.

Studies show that those who constantly eat apples consume less calories and have less fat in the waist area, and cinnamon relieves craving for sweets and reduces appetite. Cinnamon treats ulcers, gastritis, activates metabolic processes, restores immunity. The results of a study conducted at the University of Peshawar, has shown that cinnamon is in control of the sugar levels, preventing it from turning into fat. Daily use of ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon twenty times improves carbohydrate metabolism.

2. Especially popular today is a low-calorie milkshake "Smoothies". In the fight against excess weight "Smoothie" will be an indispensable tool, because it helps to saturate your body with nutrients, the conclusion of harmful toxins and enhance metabolism.


– Apple (1 PC);
– Cinnamon (1/2 p. l);
– Low-fat kefir (1 Cup).

Wash the Apple, then peel, cut out the core and cut the flesh into small cubes. Add the yogurt and carefully stir the mixture with a blender. Then add the cinnamon and beat again. The slimming cocktail is ready to drink!

3. Apple water with cinnamon. This drink is a natural metabolic accelerator. It also contains 0 calories!

Recipe miraculous drink is simple:

– Apple (1 PC.);
– Cinnamon (1 stick).

Cut the Apple into small slices (aromatic varieties are best suited). Then cut the Apple slices and a cinnamon stick to put in a pitcher and fill with purified water. Drink hold in refrigerator for 1-2 hours. Apple water with cinnamon is ready! The drink helps to improve metabolism, reduces your weight for the withdrawal of excess fluid from the body.

4. Another interesting recipe – Apple salad with cinnamon. It is not only very simple, but also very useful. To prepare a dish you will need the following ingredients:

– Apple (1 PC.);
– Cinnamon (to taste);
– Raisins (1.5 tbsp);
– Lemon juice (1 tsp);
– Honey (1 tsp);
– Mint (to taste).

Wash and dry the raisins. Then you need to wash the Apple, peel it, remove the core and cut into small slices. Prepare in a separate plate sauce for salad: mix lemon juice, cinnamon, mint and honey. Mix apples, raisins and sauce. This simple vitamin salad is ready!

And such recipes with cinnamon and Apple there is countless. Any of them will allow you to lose a couple of extra pounds and bring your figure into great shape.

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