Tasty Breakfast ideas for good health and weight loss

Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal, as it helps to Wake up after sleep, adjusts the body to work effectively throughout the day and avoids unwanted snacks.

However, to benefit the body, the first meal must be correct. This does not mean that you have to eat for Breakfast one oatmeal, which is already in the liver sits. There are 4 delicious dietary ideas Breakfast!

1. Smoothie

Smoothie is a smooth, gentle drink made from fruits, vegetables, berries, kefir or yogurt. You can also add nuts and seeds to it Chia.

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Smoothie is a source of high-quality proteins, fiber and carbohydrates, which perfectly nourishes and energizes the whole day. It is perfect for those who can not eat solid food in the morning. You can drink this drink not only for Breakfast: it is suitable as a healthy snack.

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Note! Do not know how to mix the ingredients to get a delicious smoothie? You you can always use one of 10 recipes this drink.

2. Scrambled eggs on a couple of

In the classic omelet everything is fine, but during frying a lot of useful elements in it is destroyed. Yes, and we usually fry in oil, which adds extra calories. Therefore, it is better to cook an omelet for a couple – get a great diet dish.

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To experiment with the taste of omelet and add vitamin value, you can add broccoli, bell pepper and tomatoes.

3. Curd cream

Wonderful Breakfast can be prepare low-fat cottage cheese with honey and berries. If you mix all the ingredients in a blender, you get a juicy cream that does not contain extra calories, but it is full of useful elements (for example, probiotics).

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You can Diversify the taste of cottage cheese not only with the help of berries or fruits. Try to add fresh herbs, cucumber to it and various spices.

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4. Fruit salad

Fruit salad is an excellent start to the day. Any combinations are welcome. However, it is useful to remember that the avocado gives the feeling of fullness, grapefruit burns fat, and the banana is very high in calories, but it promotes the production of endorphins.

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A Plate of fruit salad nourishes well, improves mood and increases the level of vital energy. As a dressing, you can use honey or natural yogurt. Vitamin value of the salad will increase if you sprinkle it with Chia seeds.

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Taking as a basis the above ideas of breakfasts, you can add and modify them to your liking. Now you just do not want to miss the first meal!

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