Tasty and healthy snacks up to 100 calories

Doctors and nutritionists have long proved that weight loss should be eaten at least, and more often – 5 times a day. A complete diet should consist of 3 main meals and 2 snacks. This approach avoids sudden jumps in insulin levels in the blood, a decline in strength and a strong feeling of hunger, which leads to overeating.

However snacks must be correct. If you chew on the go chips, burgers or cookies, it will be a real threat to your figure. Next, consider the 7 options really tasty snacks up to 100 calories.

1. Low-fat yogurt with berries

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100 g of low-fat Greek yogurt contains only 58 calories, and its benefits to the body are invaluable. Yogurt has a lot of live bacteria that normalize the balance of intestinal microflora and improve the digestion process.

Turn regular Greek yogurt was a real treat, add it a teaspoon of honey and slices of berries and fruits. This version of the snack will be a real salvation for the sweet tooth!

2. Almonds

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Almond nuts are a valuable food. They contain a large amount of useful fatty acids, vegetable proteins, b vitamins and fiber. Truth, experts do not recommend to be fond of almond nuts, because they do not differ in low caloric content. However, only 10-12 grains will help you satisfy your hunger for a long time.

3. Useful sandwiches

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Of Course, the sandwiches with white bread, butter and slice of sausage and not talking. This snack weight loss will not contribute. And if you prefer sandwiches based on pita bread or bread, fresh vegetables, herbs, eggs or a piece of boiled chicken, then you will not be overweight. For example, in a sandwich of pita bread, which includes 40 g of boiled chicken breast and 20 grams of tomato, cabbage and cucumber, and contains no more than 100 calories.

4. Avocado

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Avocados ranked first on the content of useful substances. Here and folic acid, and dietary fibers, and vitamin K, and copper, and vegetable fats. Cut a few slices of this gift of nature, sprinkle with lemon juice, pepper – and get the perfect snack, which is less than 100 calories!

5. Smoothie

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Low-calorie cocktails called smoothies have become increasingly popular in recent years. They are nutritious mixtures of various vegetables, fruits, berries, milk, yogurt or cottage cheese. Smoothies perfectly cope with the task of satisfying hunger and enrich the body with useful elements without adding extra calories. For example, a smoothie composed of which is 50 g of raspberry, strawberry and banana, and 100 ml of one percent kefir contains about 95 kcal!

6. Cherry tomatoes

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Great news: you can eat cherry tomatoes all day long, because 10 of them contain only 50 kcal. Useful dietary fibers, vitamin C, anticarcinogenic substance leptin and pleasant taste to you guaranteed!

7. Dried apricots

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Just a few things of dried apricots – is a strong "no" to hunger. A small handful of this dried fruit contains about 90 kcal. In addition, it contains a large amount of b vitamins, fiber, antioxidants and fructose, which is important for maintaining high performance.

Wrong snacks are often the main cause of obesity. But the above snack options are sure to help you satisfy your hunger without harm to the figure!

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