Taoist massage

Taoist massage

Taoist massage is part of the teachings of Tao, the main purpose of which is to restore the spiritual and physical strength of man and the normalization of the functions of all its parts. According to Chinese teachings, a person grows old from the fact that his vital energy weakens. That is why the more years he is, the sooner he loses his peace of mind and moves faster to devastation. At surface observation, it seems that it is a natural process to stop which is impossible, but the ancient Taoists say otherwise. And massage is one of the important tools that allows you to save life energy and gain eternal youth.

Taoist massage for women and men

The Ideology of Tao is that it is necessary to remove all the obstacles that stand in the way of the movement of energy in order to find inner peace, harmony and peace of mind. It is necessary for both women and men, and for people who are constantly under stress and have a high temperament, massage is a vital necessity. It will help to normalize sleep, relieve fatigue, restore strength, prevent early aging. The special technique, which has been practiced for centuries, really works and quickly proves its effectiveness.

The First work directed to the recovery of respiration, the only way the energy flow can move through the body freely. Then comes the turn of bioenergy. Properly performed Taoist massage can improve blood circulation, oxygenate tissues, strengthen the immune system, normalize metabolism, make the skin elastic. Po as the procedures are gradually increasing the amount of vital energy, and at a certain stage it will reach its maximum, after which there will be peace and recovery of the whole body.

Taoist breast massage

What Chinese women even in old age look good enough and young, a well-known fact. This procedure is able to support and improve the condition of the breast. To begin with, you need to choose a vessel that would completely fit the breast in size, in the absence of such a palm can be used. The vessel is applied to the chest and briefly left. Then the chest is slowly taken in hand, making rotational movements (9 times). Movement starts from the shoulder and gradually moving to the Central part. Movements should not be too strong because you can stretch the skin. After the done manipulations, the chest is covered with a palm, gently pressing it. Roughly centre of the palm needs to match up with the nipple. Total pressure should be ten. For more clarity, we recommend to look at the Taoist massage video.

Taoist massage

Female breast Massage

The Sternum is the Central part of the thoracic region that lies between the ribs. This procedure promotes disclosure of the heart center and activation of the thymus gland, which is responsible for the processes of rejuvenation throughout the body, as well as for the immune system. Over time, this gland in humans becomes smaller, which can cause pain and shortness of breath. Massage the sternum of the female (photos 2 and 3) will allow you to get rid of these minor ailments. The work begins with the index finger, carrying out circular movements. First, massage the upper part of the sternum, and then the lower. Special attention is paid to pain points, you can stay a little longer. For clarity, we also recommend to watch the massage of the female sternum on the video.

Taoist massage

Taoist massage for men

A Strong half of humanity also practice massage breast, men still make manipulation on shoulder blades, the vertebral column, buttocks and feet. Male massage (photo 4) of the sternum is done similarly to the female.

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