Tangerines for weight loss: useful properties and diet with delicious recipes

Useful than MandarinTangerines are Not in vain the most popular fruits on the eve of new year holidays, because at this time we lack the sun, which this citrus can replace in some way.
Orange color causes a feeling of joy and elation.
In addition, the fruit is able to saturate the body with vitamins and help it fight infections. At the same time, it, like most citrus fruits, practically does not lose its useful properties with long-term storage.

Quite often this fruit is used as a product for weight loss. Moreover, the tangerine diet, reviews of which are easy to find on a huge number of forums, can be not only effective, but also very pleasant. So what is useful tangerine:

Useful than Mandarin

  • by itself it is low-calorie, because it is not so much sugar;
  • fruits contain a lot of fiber, helps in digestive processes;
  • complex carbohydrates (such as pectin) give you a feeling of energy for the whole day, and you can absolutely not worry about fat deposits;
  • the group of flavones contained here actively promotes weight loss.

If you want to eat tangerines for weight loss, expert reviews will help you determine the desired type of diet. Monodieta (i.e. using only one product) is unlikely to be preferably, it is much better to use this product between the main meals, instead of the usual "snacks".

Significantly reducing caloric intake and drowning out a weak feeling of hunger, you will begin to get rid of excess weight.

In Addition, it is useful to include this fruit in your normal diet. They are widely used in salads and hot dishes, go well with meat, fish, seafood, rice and vegetables.


What do we get from eating a tangerine:

  • provitamin A, necessary for eyes, skin and mucous membranes;
  • much in vitamin C Mandarin;
  • B1, necessary for the nervous system;
  • D, especially needed in winter;
  • K – for the health of the blood vessels;
  • 38-45 kcal (depending on sugar content).

Under this scientists consider, that nitrates in them not the case, guarantor of their absence of is citric acid. In addition, a special concentration of nutrients has Mandarin oil, reviews of which are easy to find in many works devoted to a healthy lifestyle.


Useful than Mandarin

Useful properties indeed many:

  • fresh juice is recommended for children and patients as a dietary and therapeutic drink;
  • increased body temperature it will help to cope with thirst;
  • it, like the fruit itself, due to its phytoncidal and antiseptic properties, has antimicrobial and antiviral effects, which means that it can be used for the prevention of ARI and influenza;
  • proven beneficial effects in the treatment of asthma and bronchitis;
  • it contains synephrine, which has anti-lick, decongestant and decongestant properties (for example, in order to clear the lungs and bronchi from the accumulated mucus in the morning it is recommended to drink a glass of fresh juice);
  • when bronchitis or tracheitis useful infusion or decoction of dry skin, which has an expectorant effect and softens cough;
  • it also has an antifungal action (fresh juice from the lobule or peel is able to heal the skin and nails affected by the fungus, for this it should be repeatedly rubbed into the affected places);
  • its abundant use is a means of prevention from helminths;
  • regular use will restore strength and improve metabolism;
    Useful than Mandarin
  • the fruit perfectly helps with intestinal disorders, and with nausea and flatulence will help fresh crust, which stimulates digestion;
  • oil will prevent stretch marks in pregnant women;
  • it is used for relaxation, to remove muscle tension, painful menstruation;
  • dry crust has a sedative effect;
  • decoction recommended in diabetes (peel 3 tangerines boiled for 10 minutes in 1 liter of water, then the broth to cool and store in the refrigerator, do not drain) – reduces the level of blood sugar.


Diseases in which it is not recommended to use:

  • stomach ulcer or duodenum;
  • gastritis with high acidity;
  • enteritis, colitis, exacerbations of inflammatory bowel diseases;
  • cholecystitis, hepatitis, acute nephritis.

In General, the list of contraindications is really small, so if you do not suffer from any of these diseases, you can safely use tangerines every day. As you can see, the answer to the question of how useful tangerines are is quite extensive. It's so big the amount of nutrients that you can consume it without fear of consequences. However, the norm is also necessary to know, overkill have never been in favor of.

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