Sweets without harm to the figures: what to replace the sugar?

Sugar can not be called a useful product. Especially for those who control their weight. But you will agree that it is very difficult to make a firm decision and give up the sweet forever: it helps us to relieve stress, recharge our batteries and good mood. Authoritative nutritionists do not insist on a complete rejection of sugar desserts, calling to replace them with more useful sweets. The only question is what you can eat without harming figures?

Why sugar harmful?

At first glance, the raw material for sugar is not dangerous and quite natural – beets and sugar cane. But in the process of production, the product is refined, and therefore deprived of almost all useful properties. The output is a pure white powder, the source of the so-called "empty" calories – the main enemies of the slim waist.

Sweets without harm to the figures: what to replace the sugar?

Sugar has a high glycemic index and dramatically increases blood glucose levels. In an hour he drops sharply and the person experiences painful hunger pangs. Jumps in blood sugar levels – one of the main reasons for the rapid weight gain and the development of diabetes, which is why obese people (not to mention diabetics), it is recommended to reduce the use of sugar to a minimum. And it is better to completely exclude the product from the diet.

Where to find a worthy replacement?

In recent years, among all stroinaya people, vegetarians and raw foodists significant popularity carob – powder from the fruit of the "carob", which grows in abundance in warm countries – throughout the Mediterranean. The grains of the horn in many qualities are very similar to cocoa, so the products based on carob are practically no different from the classic chocolate.

Sweets without harm to the figures: what to replace the sugar?

Candy, pancakes, cakes and pastries – any dessert with the addition of carob becomes useful for the body and harmless to the waist. Carob is a great product that opens wide horizons for culinary imagination as experienced pastry chefs, and budding homemakers.

Carob appreciated worldwide because it is:

  • Allowed for diabetics.
  • Perfect for any diet where it is recommended to significantly reduce the amount of carbohydrates.
  • does Not cause allergies.
  • does Not contain caffeine, which means that desserts can be easily given to children.
  • Rich in vitamins, minerals, microelements.
  • Contains fiber that has a beneficial effect on the digestive system and metabolism.

High-Quality carob can be bought from the Russian company Royal Forest, well-established in the market of natural products.  It remains to learn how to use the products of carob in the kitchen and you can safely abandon all the sweets of industrial production.

Classic chocolate

Based on this recipe you can experiment and use carob in different combinations, adding to the chocolate pieces of dried fruits, candied fruits and nuts.

Sweets without harm to the figures: what to replace the sugar?

We will need:

  • half a Cup of carob powder;
  • half of the standard pack of butter (you can replace it with coconut);
  • a little honey if you like the taste sweeter.

Melt the oil in a water bath and gradually interfere with the powder carob. Honey will achieve more sweetness, and those who do not like cloying, can not add it at all. Prepare any nice mold, pour the fragrant mass there and put it in the refrigerator for an hour. A delicious and healthy treat is ready!

"bounty" with carob

Royal Forest carob goes well with coconut shavings, giving a touch of exoticism to any dish. At your discretion, change the amount of chips, experiment with forms, invent your own brand recipe.

We will need:

  • 6 tablespoons solid coconut oil (or regular butter);
  • 6 tablespoons carob;
  • 3 spoons coconut shavings;
  • teaspoon of honey;
  • nuts, dried fruits to taste (it can be figs, prunes or dried apricots).

Melt the oil in a water bath. Add carob to the warm oil and stir the mixture thoroughly. Add some nuts, honey and, if desired, pieces of dried fruit. It remains to pour the mass into oval molds and put in the refrigerator until solidification.

If you do not add dried fruits to the mixture, and put in the center of the molds solid walnut and almond are ready candy roll in coconut flakes, then your chocolates will resemble a small rafaelki: expensive and exquisite.

Banana-chocolate smoothie

Instead of dinner, drink a portion of a nutritious smoothie – the feeling of hunger will leave you for a long time, and the morning weight will please you with a "minus".

Sweets without harm to the figures: what to replace the sugar?

On two helpings estimated we will need:

  • one banana;
  • several pitted dates;
  • 200 grams of natural yogurt, kefir or matzoni;
  • 3 tablespoons carob powder.

Cut Banana into pieces, add dates, carob powder and yogurt base or any fermented milk drink. It remains to beat the mass until smooth. Pour the drink into beautiful wine glasses, garnish with a sprig of mint or green Basil.

Hot chocolate

Even gourmets are sometimes unable to distinguish the Royal Forest carob drink from the traditional hot chocolate. Hassle with it a little, and great fun is guaranteed.

We will need:

  • glass of milk;
  • two tablespoons carob powder;
  • a little vanilla and cinnamon for piquancy.

Need of Milk, slightly warm on the stove and, when it is warm, add the carob. Very convenient to stir drink whisk – then it will have a nice smooth texture without lumps. It remains to pour a drink into a Cup and drink, enjoying the smell and taste.

Rules for a sweet life

As you can see, carob can be a healthy alternative to harmful desserts, especially if you need to lose some weight.

Sweets without harm to the figures: what to replace the sugar?

But even the most useful candy and cakes will definitely turn into extra inches around the waist, if you do not follow measure.

Here are the rules to help you lose weight fast:

  1. Eat sweets only up to 15 hours, and they are guaranteed to go to the body exceptionally good.
  2. Pamper yourself with sweets on weekdays: when we work, we get tired and nervous, and desserts will help us restore peace of mind.
  3. Limit the dose to three sweets, a portion of a cocktail or a small cake – this guarantees you the loss of extra pounds and avoid hyperalimentations.

If you decide to replace sugar with carob, buy only a quality product from time-tested manufacturers with a good reputation. The most popular among connoisseurs of healthy food is the Russian company Royal Forest.

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And remember: the creative approach to making carob desserts and the variety of dishes on the menu are sure to help you achieve the right weight in excellent mood for a few weeks. 

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